5 Meeting Pod Uses Besides Typical Office Work

When we think of meeting pods, we think of doing traditional office work: writing, emailing, and having virtual or in-person meetings without distractions. But Zenbooths are versatile, and there are a lot of ways to think outside the booth (forgive me) while working inside it. Below are five ideas. 

1. Meeting pods for team building exercises or lesson plans

The Zenbooth Quad is perfect for doing breakout sessions or team building activities to increase morale. What’s great about our simple design is that you can accessorize booths any way you desire – add a whiteboard, a rug  or posters on the wall. 

In school, there was a constant need for separate, private spaces – teacher assistants taking students aside for extra help on a subject, someone who was absent needing to take a test they missed – and they were often sentenced to a corner of the room or outside in the hall. A meeting pod is the perfect alternative. 

2. Voice Over Work

Zenbooth already boasts a healthy list of customers who are voice-over artists who have converted their booths for recording purposes, as you can see in the photo below.

So many actors (including myself) often run to their closets for their voice-over auditions, because having a small, non-echo-y space will improve the quality of any recording. 

But customizing an office pod with padding and a great microphone truly gives you top-notch sound, not only for auditions, but for booked jobs, since most of them are remote now. An investment in a Zenbooth is a sure-fire way to book that audiobook gig you’ve been wanting.

3. Practice Room for Music

Quick anecdote: Growing up, I played the trumpet in the school’s band and orchestra. I started in fifth grade – and it took me a few years to become first chair of the trumpet section. Plus, I lived in an apartment complex. The positive of this was I could bring my trumpet to the window and sing a fanfare – and all the neighborhood kids would know to come outside and play. 

The downside was I annoyed a ton of adults. And I can’t blame them. Having a neighbor play an instrument badly (especially a brass instrument) when you are trying to work is maddening. 

At school, we had sound-proof practice rooms to go into. But at home… unless your parent was a musician or you had a basement (which, in California, no one does), then what are you supposed to do? A Zenbooth is a perfect solution for the musician and surrounding parties – and just as good of an investment as private lessons. 


I know you can unroll your yoga mat anywhere, but for me, the distractions around my room can make my practice unfocused or unorganized. I see something I forgot to take care of earlier, and the instant-gratification part of my brain wants to fix it now. 

Go into a Zenbooth to take a half-hour to really unwind. Stretch, work out, or take 20 minutes to empty your mind and see what’s lying underneath the stillness. 

5. Make office pods your creative space

An office phone booth can be a space for play. As an artist or creative person, you have to make time for these tasks in the same way you do your day job. 

“Art is not about thinking something up. It is about the opposite—getting something down.”

Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

Instead of using a booth for work, make your Zenbooth a sacred space for the act of creation. Only write, paint, color, record, hold creative meetings inside of it. 

Hey, buy The Artist’s Way and do your morning pages in there! Your brain will start to think of that space as a treehouse, a spaceship, a fort you create with your bedsheets. It will become synonymous with play, creativity and joy.

Check out a Zenbooth now and make it the place you want to be. 

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