Explained: What Are Recharge Rooms? Office Life's Next Big Thing

Among all the up and coming trends in modern office layouts, the concept of a recharge room is one of the most exciting. This innovative idea is yielding higher rates of employee satisfaction and productivity.

But what is a recharge room exactly?

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An office recharge room is a space where employees can get away from the noise and anxiety of the workplace.

While some employers think that a cluster of chairs in the corner of the office is enough, a recharge room really provides employees with a valuable opportunity to relax, stretch, meditate, and conduct conversations with their co-workers in peace.

This requires something more like a modular conference room, only not designated for work activities. There doesn't need to be collaboration style furniture inside it or standing desks - this is solely a zone for wellness.

Companies should understand that rooms like these are a big part of millennial style office design. It's common for people to feel tired and overwhelmed when they're working in the same space 40 hours a week. Simply having a place for them to step away from their desk can have a meaningful impact on their mood and productivity rate.

A Poor Work Environment Hurts Workers' Production

A positive work environment isn't something you can just hope for. If you want your employees to feel good about coming into work every day, investments in things like coffee machines, plants, and ping pong tables can make a bigger difference than you think. 

Beyond their actual, tangible benefit to your employees health, these investments also show that you genuinely care about mood and comfort in the workplace. 

While the aforementioned investments are meaningful, the implementation of a recharge room will bring about real change in your work environment. 

 An unhappy and mentally drained staff will only result in a higher turnover rate which is very costly to companies. 

Office Recharge Rooms Can Help Prevent The Health Detriments of Stress

High levels of stress can have a devastating impact on the body, which inevitably has a major impact on performance. A poor work environment is directly linked to high-stress levels in staff.

Research shows that chronic anxiety can weaken and damage your body in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Joint Pain/Muscle Tension
  • Increased Risk of Heart Disease
  • Exacerbated Breathing Problems
  • Tension Headache and Migraines
  • Gastrointestinal Distress

And these are just the physical consequences of stress. 

Needless to say, the effects of stress shouldn't be underestimated by employers. Recharge rooms are helping workers around the world manage their stress throughout the week, leading to happier workers and more functional, productive office spaces.

The Power of "Recharging" Is Common Among Your Most Productive Workers

Taking breaks during the workday can prevent the destructive impact of chronic stress. Some employers may become concerned about workers taking too many breaks or wasting time, but that fear may be unnecessary. 

Studies show that highly productive employees spend approximately 30% of their workday on break. 

That number might seem high, but the reality is, regular breaks help employees to refocus on intense tasks.

This allows them to be more creative, more positive, and to work more efficiently. When your team of employees is just slogging through work, waiting all morning for a 30 minutes lunch break, they may become lethargic and irritable. 

What Are Some Potential Recharge Room Activities?

So what kind of features do these trendy recharge rooms have? The answer changes depending on the industry and the employee and employer preferences.

While simply having an empty, private space available will be beneficial to workers, recharge rooms across the country are being outfitted with things like:

  • Workout Equipment
  • Meditation Space
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Soundproofing & Good Ventilation

Recharge rooms can be centered on fun, relaxation, or anything else you want to promote in the office. A popular choice among employers is to make recharge rooms a technology-free zone, in contrast to the standard office environment. 

Making your recharge room technology-free may help employees relax and separate themselves from the events of the office.

However, recharge rooms can also be multi-purposed as meeting rooms. Deploying a private, sound-proof space in which co-workers to talk and collaborate on projects together is hugely beneficial to office productivity. It's important that workers have a place where they can conduct conversations, even confidential conversations, without distractions. 

Bring Your Team Together

Recharge rooms serve as great spaces to bring your team together on a daily basis. While team-building trips and activities can have a positive impact, they may not occur frequently enough to significantly improve communication or help in establishing friendships. 

Designating a space in the office where workers can chat, relax, and let their guard down allows them to come together as a team. Whether they're playing ping pong or simply meditating in the same room, that shared activity space can be a valuable bonding opportunity. 

Studies show that workers perform better, and have a higher mood and satisfaction level, when they are friends with their coworkers. They're more likely to look forward to coming to work in the morning, more likely to share their ideas with confidence, and will contribute more in group projects. Friendship can't be forced, so passive encouragement is a safe bet. 

For employers who want to bring their team together and encourage friendships among their workers, the recharge room could be the answer you're looking for.

Zenbooth: Install A Recharge Room With Ease

Installing a workplace recharge room in your existing office layout may seem like an impossible task. Maybe you feel as though you don't have the space, that you can't afford it, or that the construction process would be too much of a distraction. 

Zenbooth's Duo and Quad units are the perfect solutions so you can enjoy the benefits of adding modular office space. 

Their high-quality build is made with reliable, eco-conscious materials that last. Zenbooth's units can be installed efficiently and non-disruptively in just one afternoon. Their compactness helps them fit into any free corner, while their sleek maple or white exterior allows them to blend into any office with ease. 

No construction, no unreasonable prices, and an easy installation process are among the many benefits of going with Zenbooth.

The Duo size meeting pod, which comfortably fits 2 people, has soundproof design and optimized acoustics. This helps workers enjoy some peace and quiet, whether they're conducting an important phone call or just need a moment to relax. 

The unit's impressive ventilation system, dimmable LED lights, and multiple electrical outlets make it an incredibly convenient space to have on standby.

The Zenbooth Quad may be the better choice for those looking for a bit more room. The Quad can comfortably host 4-6 people, as its roomy interior and twin high-powered ventilation system keep workers feeling zen.

This multi-purpose space can be used for collaborative work among small groups, for meditation and relaxation, or anything else employers feel will suit the needs of their employees. 

With echo absorbing panels and 3.5 inch thick walls, your employees will have a much easier time managing their stress throughout the week.

When you order a Zenbooth product, you get free shipping and a free 30-day return period. Zenbooth also provides free assembly and installation of the larger Zenbooth Quad. 

Ready to see for yourself why so many businesses are incorporating recharge rooms into their office layouts? Order yours with ease today from our website, or reach out if you with any questions.

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