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Office relaxation rooms are the talk of companies in every industry. What started as only a few standout brand trying something trendy has grown into a movement with tons of data and research supporting it. 

Having a fun and relaxing office space for employees is incredibly valuable because it helps them decompress. It reduces stress levels, improves mood, lowers sick days, and helps employees bond and socialize.

Relaxation room ideas come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. If you need some help with choosing what kind of design you should implement in your office, you've come to the right place.

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How to Create the Ideal Office Relaxation Room

Relaxation rooms can look very different depending on multiple factors. Once you have some of the details figured out, you can begin planning their correct design. Some of these factors include your:

  • Office Layout (Open or Divided)
  • Industry
  • Budget 


Among all the up and coming trends in modern office layouts, the concept of a recharge room is one of the most exciting. This innovative idea is yielding higher rates of employee satisfaction and productivity.

But what is a recharge room exactly?

Get The Details Right When Adding Your Office's Recharge Room

An office recharge room is a space where employees can get away from the noise and anxiety of the workplace. While some employers think that a cluster of chairs in the corner of the office is enough, a recharge room really provides employees with a valuable opportunity to relax, stretch, meditate, and conduct conversations with their co-workers in peace.

This requires something more like a modular conference room, only not designated for work activities. There doesn't need to be collaboration style furniture inside it or standing desks - this is solely a zone for wellness.

Companies should understand that rooms like these are a big part of millennial style office design. It's common for people to feel tired and overwhelmed when they're working in the same space 40 hours a week. Simply having a place for them to step away from their desk can have a meaningful impact on their mood and productivity rate.