Futuristic, Modern Phone Booths Jump Start Office Productivity

Do you ever wonder how you can increase work productivity and long-term success without the hassle that often comes from redesigning your whole office?

At Zenbooth, we understand this unique challenge and have come up with modern phone booth solution that aims to reinvent the way companies address workplace efficiency.

Modern Phone Booths Offer A Balance of Discretion and Usability

Thanks to our extensive lineup of office phone booths, your business can attain the perfect mixture of seclusion and usability when your workers feel they need a quiet place to be productive.

Our products are proven to significantly reduce background noise and distractions. They're a great fit for whenever a team member needs to take an important phone call or have a private business discussion.

Modern phone booths by Zenbooth

We use special soundproofing denim material in the insulation of our phone booths, which blocks out excessive ambient noise to create a peaceful workspace. 

Users are also shielded from common workplace distractions that can have a negative effect on productivity, focus, and attentiveness. We even feature noise-canceling glass to further insulate occupants from unnecessary background sounds.

Office Privacy Is Paramount

This enhanced level of privacy and security can also play a key role in keeping your conversations confidential, especially if you are discussing a new and upcoming product that requires discretion.

In an age where leaked information is more widespread than ever thanks to digital media, having an office quiet room can help prevent unwanted parties from hearing classified conversations. 

Phone booths can ensure that your company limits unnecessary gossip and that your most sensitive information is kept within the right group of people. Our soundproofing technology is the best in the industry and delivers excellent sound canceling properties for the life of the booth. 

Our products also feature a solid 3 year warranty that has you covered in the event that a problem or defect emerges with the booth while it's in your office.

Modern Phone Booths Provide Flexibility For  Company 1v1's

Our booths also come with a whole suite of occupant oriented features that aim to provide a balanced level of functionality and comfort to any person.

Many of our products feature built-in lighting, as well as a small desk that can fit a laptop or other mobile device for effortless computing without the need for a satellite accessory or a bulky desk. 

Other phone booths offer more basic accommodations and often limit occupants to only take phone calls, and not much else. With Zenbooth, you don’t have to sacrifice versatility and comfort to achieve the world-class privacy that our product can provide you.

Our bigger models can easily provide space for 2 people, which is great for company 1v1's that require privacy.

With such a thoughtful balance between functionality and comfort, Zenbooth is the perfect addition to many open office layouts, especially those that are small but contain a high number of employees in one area.

Our modern phone booths can also seamlessly match any design aesthetic, and will not awkwardly stand out in a room when they are fully installed, which should please potential clients, as well as your broader workforce. 

Installation is easy, and Zenbooths can be built or moved in a relatively short period of time. This is great for companies that might eventually relocate and need a product that can be transported and reassembled at different business location.

Embracing A New Era In Work Culture

Open offices or agile workspaces are quickly becoming the new normal for many businesses and companies around the world. Both offer many benefits to the employees that use them. These include the ability to share open discussions with co-workers, a more flow oriented workplace not cluttered with cubicles, and having a comfortable home-like atmosphere. 

However, open plan offices are also relatively noisy places to spend time in, with many background distractions that can limit their full potential, especially to businesses that do not utilize them correctly. 

For example, you can be working on an important business call, and your co-worker can be loudly ordering lunch, or the constant clicks of keyboard keys from other portions of the office can filter their way into your conversation.

These background noises reduce productivity, and can interfere with the audio quality of phone calls. The latter item could be crucial, especially if it’s a make-or-break conversation with a potential client or a supplier.

Our Zenbooth phone pods can block the majority of this acoustical clutter, and provide a cozy space for occupants that is free of workplace distractions, and enhances the productivity of those that are inside our booths at the same time.

This enhanced productivity translates into higher profits for your company, and in turn enhanced levels of trust between employees and clients that can help open new avenues to success and profitability.

A Company That Is Dedicated To Serving You, The Customer

Zenbooth is a trusted company that has been used by some of the biggest brands including Samsung, Gizmodo, Crossfit, Bosch, and Meetup. These clients understand the distinctive advantages that come with our lineup of office phone booth technology. 

Our rivals may try and say that their booths are a better deal, but they don’t offer some of the amenities and flexibility that come with our modern phone booths. We make our products in the USA and offer fast delivery, plus all of our materials are eco-friendly. Get in touch with our sales team today to learn more, and begin the process of enhancing your office.

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