Buyer Beware: Avoid Cheap, "Affordable" Office Phone Booths

Office designs and concepts constantly evolve as managers of private sector, non-profit, and government facilities alike search out the best way to inspire the most productivity out of their workers. 

Yesterday’s ideal set up, the “open office” design, was meant to break down every wall and barrier to facilitate communication. Advocates of the concept believed that it would lead to enhanced innovation and productivity.

They, however, got it very wrong. Their were far more cons than pros to this new layout. Extroverted younger people tended to favor it (no word on if it made them more productive). But studies showed that most people struggled with open offices overall. 

Avoid "affordable" low quality office phone booths. Instead, go with Zenbooth

Many who worked in the open office merely faced too much distraction. Studies indicate that once lost, concentration on work could take up to 20 minutes to be restored. 

Some saw the effects of constant noise and no escape from others harmful to people's health. And in fact, open office workers use two thirds more sick days than their counterparts in other workplace designs. 

Some of the illness could be traceable to the ease through which germs can travel in the open office. But others suffer health problems due to noise induced anxiety symptoms. Enter the next phase in office evolution: the agile office. 

An agile office combines the positive ideas of the open office with the recognition that many employees have different needs when it comes to creating a productive environment. This includes providing spaces where an individual can work or communicate in quiet, private seclusion.

Secluded areas are necessary in a work environment. Employees need to have places to concentrate on work & make important phone calls. 

Portable office privacy booths can meet these needs easily. The question lies in which office phone booth fits best the buyers expectations, needs, and budget.

Why the Right Phone Booth Is Important for Your Office

When looking for the right office phone booth, buyers should research the product before spending thousands of dollars. You want a booth that will meet expectations. 

What potential consumers will find is that not phone booth is created equal. Some designs of office phone booths fail to meet even the minimum standards of performance. Chief among these is weak construction with poor materials, which can result in the booths not blocking out sound. Others have issues with basic elements, such as the functionality of their door.

Beyond basic design and construction issues, some businesses and other offices have bigger goals in mind. They might prefer that their purchases meet environmental standards or desire products that are made in America.

Cheap Office Phone Booths Lack The Necessity of Sturdy and Soundproof Walls

Walls obviously serve as the most important design feature of an office pod. Occupants need barriers to guard against both audio and visual distractions. All too many office phone booths in production come with relatively flimsy materials.

On the other hand, the Zenbooth office phone booth gives employees a safe, quiet, and secure location to work and communicate. It has a double walled construction putting a robust 3.5 inches of hard surface material between the occupant and outside noise. We also use denim insulation, which is among the best at blocking noise. 

Door Quality and Design Issues with "Affordable" Office Phone Booths

Doors should be simple, but not every office phone booth option provides one that is easy to use. For example, some office booths on the market today have doors that resemble a poorly designed closet. It may slide, but only allows enough room for a person to enter walking sideways. Good luck bringing in files and a laptop!

Conversely, Zenbooth’s door is designed for easy access. Occupants can enter comfortably without contorting themselves and even bring in work materials. Our executive size office booth can easily handle two employees for small scale team work sessions.

Another design issue lies in portability. At just under 500 pounds, a fully assembled Zenbooth office phone booth would require only a small team to maneuver it. Meanwhile, competitors’ booths can come in at a whopping 770 or even 1100 pounds, rendering them virtually immobile without disassembly.

Cheap Office Phone Booths Are Not Eco-Friendly

Many companies, non-profits, and some government offices strive to reduce their environmental footprint. They do this through making informed decisions on their office design, which products they buy, and even employee travel choices. 

Office phone booths also can have a larger or smaller imprint on the environment. This is especially critical during the production process.

Out of the entire office phone booth market, only a handful work to make their products as eco-friendly as possible. Most havevery little construction features that reflect an eco-friendly mentality.

Get eco-friendly office phone booths

As described in a recent New York Times article, Zenbooth works carefully to reduce its impact on the environment. As much as possible, Zenbooth utilizes recycled wood, plastic, and paper materials in its design. 

When Zenbooth does need wood, it sources that from local forests near its San Francisco Bay Area manufacturing facility. As one of the few office phone booths that allows a skylight, our product can even reduce the need for using its internal lighting.

The company also plants one tree for every booth built to mitigate the impact of its construction.

With eco-friendliness emerging as a requirement for an increasing number of organizations, Zenbooth’s commitment to the environment helps to put it at the head of a competitive field.

Office Phone Booths Not Made in the USA

Similar to a growing concern about environmental impact, more companies have elevated the "Made in the USA" status as an important factor when purchasing office products. Companies want to make sure that they support American jobs workers. That's because they rank consistently as the most hard working and productive in the world.

Some of the least expensive office booth options, hail from Portugal. Others are manufactured in France, Finland, or  Poland.

Only a few, including Zenbooth, commit to manufacturing their products using American workers. In addition to assembly, the designs are all done in house in Zenbooth’s California facility.

Supporting American workers also supports American families and provides for the next generation. Thankfully, many companies show their active support through their commitment to "Made in the USA."

Avoid "affordable" low quality office phone booths. Instead, go with Zenbooth

Avoid the Mistake of Low-Priced Office Phone Booths

Cheap does not always mean less costly. Cost to an office can come in lost productivity, frustration, and other issues. Thats why many companies choose to spend a few dollars more to get a product that works as expected or meets other organizational goals like protecting the environment. 
A quick look at the features and production attributes of each manufacturer provides a clear guide as to which to buy.

Fortunately, you can get a well constructed office phone booth, made in America, and with a reduced impact on the planet for a competitive price. Zenbooth is nationally recognized as an industry leader in office phone booths. Call or email today for more details. Zenbooth’s expert and professional staff stand ready to help in any way possible.

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