Office Privacy Pods: Inside Their Truly Unique Design

Every business aims to create a work environment that enhances productivity. To achieve this, you need to optimize worker satisfaction and happiness, while also making the most of your physical setting. Installing office privacy pods is a fantastic, contemporary way to reach all of these goals.


How can our modern phone booths do this? To answer this question, let’s first analyze the conventional open-plan layout that many offices use. Then we’ll explore reasons why a privacy pod is the perfect compliment to your workplace layout.

The Cons of an Open-Plan Office Layout and How Privacy Pods Help

A 2005 study conducted by the University of Sydney investigated employee satisfaction levels in connection with their work space conditions. They looked at privacy, comfort, noise level, ease of interaction, temperature, lighting and air quality.

Hands down, the researchers found that private enclosed offices had the highest overall satisfaction rate while open layouts had the lowest. 

Employees appreciated the visual and sound privacy of their own space, and they claimed that collaboration was just as easy in private offices as it was in an open plan. In general, workers found that their creative and intellectual juices flowed more smoothly when they had an isolated environment to focus in.

Employees Need Office Privacy Pods to Think Clearly

The results of another joint study by the University of California, Irvine, and Berlin’s Humboldt University showed how it could take up to 23 minutes to restore focus after an interruption.

Just think about all the background distractions in an open-plan office. How many times is your attention disrupted by the click of your co-worker’s keyboard, the scrape of chairs, the buzz of conversation, music that escapes from your neighbor’s headphones, and even the smell of someone else’s lunch?

In an office privacy pod, employees can maintain focus without all of these irritating distractions and the natural chaos of an open layout. (Learn more about the disadvantages of open offices here.)

Inside of Our Zenbooth Models

Office pods are self-contained, nearly soundproof, and ventilated booths that are available in an extensive range of sizes. Our Comfort Booths fit  one worker, while others, such as the Executive Booth, have room for two employees to work together comfortably.

What are Zenbooth units made from?

All of our office quiet rooms are composed of premium, sturdy materials:

  • Pre-finished, high-grade Maple wood, available in pale wood grain or white, forms both the exterior and interior of our office pods. (Did you know that natural wood and cool color tones also increase creativity?!) 

  • We design the doors with only high-grade, locally sourced aluminum that frames dual pane tempered glass. 

  • The ceiling of each unit is built with top-quality, safety Plexiglas.

  • Each booth is insulated with R-13 insulation (made from ground-up blue denim) that is acclaimed for providing outstanding sound control and thermal maintenance.

How is the privacy booth shipped and assembled?

Your open office quiet room will be delivered directly to your building in a flat box. We advise you to hire a handyman to assist with assembly, which takes only one to four hours, depending on the size of the model you purchase. If you require assistance during the installation, reach out to our friendly support team for a rapid response.

It's also simple to take the units apart for relocation to another part of your office. Once your pod is constructed, plug it into a standard three-prong 110V outlet (it comes with a 15-foot-long cord) to get it running and ready for use.

Functional Benefits of Office Pods

  • Coworkers and management can hold face-to-face meetings with each other without others listening.
  • Teleconferencing, video-conferencing, and Skype meetings are taken to a new level. It is much easier for workers to focus entirely on the conversation, with no disturbances.
  • Employees spend less time on personal phone calls, as they don't need to waste minutes searching for an empty hallway or stairwell to talk privately.
  • Every booth has its own ventilation system for a working environment that gives ultimate comfort. Your workers won’t suffer from the humidity, spread of germs, or overheating that is typical in offices with an open layout.
  • A useful electrical infrastructure has ample plugs and fast USB ports in each booth, which eliminates the crowded sockets and tangled wires that result when workers need to share power strips and computer hookups. 


    Technical Information About Zenbooths

    Ventilation: when you enter the pod, motion sensors activate the ventilation system automatically and maintain its operation. Two powerful exhaust fans circulate the air in less than two minutes. This system is located on the backside of the unit, which preserves the elegant, streamlined appearance of the booth.

    Electrical Hookups

    The electrical system includes 2 three prong outlets, 2 fast-charging USB ports, and 1 open port to attach Cable or Ethernet. 

    Total Soundproofing: once the door of your booth is closed, you can speak at an average voice level, and no sound escapes. Inside the pod, you'll never need to whisper or strain to hear.

    Desktop: the work surface is 40” tall, the standard to work comfortably.

    Go Green with Office Pods

    All of our Zenbooth units are friendly to the environment, as well as to local businesses. We are dedicated to our community and only use reusable and recycled materials from nearby suppliers.

    Also, we are proud to share that all of the wood used to build our booths was sourced from a United States forest. By installing our work booths, you can feel good about both improving your workers’ quality of life, upgrading productivity for your company, and having a positive impact on our planet.

    The Zenbooth Promise

    We have many satisfied customers who rave about how our office privacy pods transformed their business and increased productivity. However, there’s no need to depend only upon our word – or even upon our customers' enthusiastic testimonials.

    Purchasing our nearly sound proof booth is a totally secure venture because we offer a full money back guarantee. If you aren’t entirely pleased with your booth within the first 30 days after receiving it, please reach out and let us know. Additionally, if you experience any problems, we offer a full three year warranty.

    Contact us today for more information and thanks for reading.  

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