How Office Meeting Booths Can Boost Company Productivity

For today’s office, meetings that spark more productive collaboration aren’t only a luxury--they’re a necessity. With the advent of agile office design and innovations in agile office furniture, companies have discovered that highly compartmentalized workplaces don’t produce as well as those that can combine all their workers’ talents.

Some of the first efforts at producing a collaborative atmosphere, though well-intentioned, caused some workers’ usability to fall through the cracks. Open office floor plans may have improved the collaborative aspect from the typical 1980s-era offices full of separated cubicles, but they do have their drawbacks.

office meeting booths

How Office Meeting Booths Enhance An Open Floor Plan

If you must deal with an open office floor plan, you already know how chaotic it can be. With nowhere to get your team together by yourselves away from the consistent noise, you either huddle together, keeping your voices low so as not to disturb your office mates, or you conduct the meeting in full voice, contributing to the noise factor.

It’s no wonder that so many open office plans produce as much—maybe even more—burnout than do yesterday’s cubicles. Forget conference calls—even one-on-one calls are hard to manage without disturbing the entire office. No wonder people who work in open offices call in sick 62 percent more often than those in other types of offices.

With a Zenbooth Executive Booth, though, you have options. Easy to set up and low in cost, this nearly soundproof booth has space for four team members. Whether it’s a team meeting or a team meeting with a conference call to your cross-coast colleagues, this private workspace provides both USB and electrical outlets, so you can bring all the technology you need to be efficient. 

Available in both white and maple, this booth will fit the décor of any office, while providing that space apart that will boost productivity. Its size makes it a versatile choice for smaller businesses with open floor plans since your workers can use it for both team meetings and for employees who need to get away by themselves to concentrate on a particularly vexing challenge.

Office Meeting Booths

Why Even Agile-Designed Offices Can Benefit from an Office Meeting Booth

Though an agile workspace is a vast improvement over the open floor plan model, it still may need some tweaks to make it work for group get togethers. Agile workspaces are a design concept that creates quiet zones that can be designated for exactly that purpose. 

Though the break room in an agile workspace may be a good spot to bounce ideas off fellow teammates over brown-bag lunches, the atmosphere may be too noisy. Furthermore, the break room doesn’t provide the confidentiality that a designated conference room alternative would, should sensitive issues come up.

Here’s where an office meeting booth can help; with its four-person capacity and connectivity, it provides the perfect spot for teams to concentrate on tough challenges without disturbance. With its well-lit interior, it’s easy to read even the fine print on paperwork.

Impromptu meetings are one of the best facets of an agile workplace. Let’s say a worker in one department gets an idea, but that idea involves another department. For example, a graphic designer may come up with what he or she thinks is a killer idea for an ad. For it to work, though, she needs the input from the copy team, who in turn, needs to run it by the search engine optimization (SEO) team.

In an agile office, the best situation is to have a spot where these three people can put their heads together in a matter of minutes. The office meeting booth is the ideal place for a quick huddle.

How Cubicle-Style Offices Can Leverage Office Meeting Booths to Boost Productivity

Many older buildings, as well as businesses with a traditional bent, still adhere to the executive-in-an-office / everyone else in a cubicle model.

Though cubicles can reduce some of the sound pollution of an open office, they still are plenty noisy. The executives, in their cushy office, may not notice the frustration among the cubicle-occupiers, but will certainly note the drop in productivity—and the attrition rate of their most promising workers.

Not only are cubicles noisy, but they also make it difficult to collaborate. Who wants to crane their neck around a cubicle to share ideas? What about confidentiality? Not even a possibility for those in cubicles with short walls. 

In a traditional office like this, it’s important for the C-suite dwellers to look for solutions to the lack of privacy and collaboration difficulties. The office meeting booth is such a solution. Instead of bouncing ideas off each other by twisting their bodies into pretzels just to talk, they can simply head off to the office meeting booth. No shouting over the office background noise, no need for a chiropractor after the meeting. 

Whatever your type of office, Zenbooths can help you boost efficienct and morale. With an exterior made from engineered, laminated wood panels and high-grade aluminum, these booths are as durable as they are practical. 

Insulating them is an eco-friendly layer of ground-up blue denim—which can block plent of office noise--while the ceiling is constructed from high-grade safety plexiglass and the door from double-pane tempered glass. 

Two quiet exhaust fans keep the meeting area air clean. When you come inside for your meeting, motion sensors activate the ventilation fans. 

These executive size meeting pods require no special electrical connection—a simple 110-volt three-prong outlet is all that you need. Inside, two three-prong outlets, an open port that allows you to connect to Ethernet or cable, as well as two quick-charging USB ports provide all you need to conduct a meeting.

Easily movable and easily assembled, these office meeting booths can move with you when your office expands into new quarters—which, with your business’s new jolt of productivity, should be soon. With their low cost and high return on your investment, you’ll no doubt want more than one, should your office size require. With a limited three-year warranty, your purchase carries little risk and tons of reward.

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