Office Meeting Pods: Features Overview, Materials & Staff Benefits

Did you know that people who work in open offices are 62 percent more likely to take sick days? Although there's a chance those sick days come as a result of spreading germs, you could also argue that stress is a factor. 

The fact that 25-30 percent of open office employees express dissatisfaction with workplace noise levels is a revealing statistic in and of itself. Trying to meet targets in a hectic environment can feel chaotic, and where there is chaos, stress often follows.

Open offices do come with plenty of benefits, though. Employees feel less isolated when they're able to interact with one another away from the confines of office walls. Additionally, it's easier to gain support from each other.

Employees can bounce ideas without heading to a meeting, and asking someone to pitch in with a task generates immediate responses.

As open offices convey benefits, it's down to you as an employer to find a solution that delivers the best of both worlds. One way to achieve this is through the use of office meeting pods. 

At Zenbooth, our executive size booths are much more than just a private space. They're ideal for relaxation, they're eco-friendly, and they can even reduce fatigue. Before you make any more changes to your business' main working environments, here are the reasons why we think you should invest in a Zenbooth. 

With meeting pods, important phone calls are significantly easier

The Zenbooth 2-4 person meeting pod came into existence when the designers' became frustrated with running into hallways to make phone calls. Having to do so is often very inconvenient. For starters, there's no guarantee that you'll achieve a strong enough signal to enjoy a professional conversation. 

Then, there are the hassles that come with leaving your computer screen behind. Most screens contain information that's pertinent to client conversations. As a result, having conversations without them is incredibly tricky.

Using a work pod overcomes all of those logistical challenges. When you choose to equip yours with a phone, poor signal concerns become a thing of the past. Or, you can place yours in an area where cellular signals are strong, giving employees the chance to use their own devices. 

Their powerpoints and USB ports are ideal for supplying laptops and charging tablets. As a result, your employees can have important conversations in private while accessing crucial details immediately.

You can guarantee absolute privacy, without leaving your office behind

Anybody who has stepped into an open office already knows they're never private environments. While some workplaces thrive when employees enjoy an open culture, there will always be a need for less distractions.

When your clients want you to keep their details "top secret," you'll fail to do so in an open office. Similarly, personal conversations of all kinds face exposure. Whether it's a quick call to your kid's school or an exciting conversation about a promotion, open offices don't really complement the conversation.

Your employees will finally be able to focus

Even the smallest of distractions can result in a 20-minute lapse in concentration. If one of your employees faces a single 20-minute lapse each day, they're facing a 100-minute loss each week. If 10 of your employees encounter the same lapse in concentration, that equates to 16 hours a week or around two full working days.

Few employers would willingly throw two-working-days' worth of productivity away. If you would rather not lose those minutes due to logistical challenges then you need to add a space in your office where your staff can focus.

Two of the best ways to minimize employee distractions include making workspaces flexible and designating spaces for personal calls. Our executive booth achieves this through soundproofing, and by providing all of the electrical features a workspace needs.

 As the Zenbooth office pods feature plug sockets and USB charging points, your workers can charge the devices they depend on.

With Zenbooth's ventilation system, your employees can refresh their thinking

Throughout America, employers adhere to minimum ventilation standards. While those standards keep your employees free from toxins, they may not refresh them to the point that they're functioning at optimal levels. Our meeting pod benefits from extra-quiet ventilation fans. 

From keeping sick building syndrome at bay to reducing workplace headaches, there are plenty of ways excellent ventilation transforms your office environment. 

  • Those who work in well-vented areas make better decisions, according to a group of Harvard researchers
  • With a clearer head, your employees will form better strategies that benefit your workplace as a whole.
  • Stale office air can affect your employees' moods. When they feel happier in a ventilated space, absenteeism will dip.

It's also worth noting that the Zenbooth's ventilation system only kicks in when someone sets off the motion detectors. As a result, you'll save money and experience the benefits that come with ventilated working spaces.

Suddenly, everyone has the freedom to muse in a private environment

Have you ever tried searching for inspiration in the midst of a noisy room? Taking a creative approach to daily business transactions is one of the best ways to deliver winning results. Unfortunately, even those who have a natural flair for thinking outside the box will struggle in a noisy setting.

To support those who do need a little extra peace while they generate ideas, provide them with a room that allows them to think clearly. Some of history's greatest geniuses have made their best discoveries while sitting alone outdoors, walking, or drifting off to sleep.

While your employees may not manage most of these activities from the center of an open office, you can emulate an area that provides them with peace. Never underestimate the power of sitting in a tranquil environment while holding a pen and paper.

Taking an environmentally friendly approach to your meeting pod comes with benefits too

As time goes on, the human resources world will always produce fresh research examining what makes employees happy. One of the strongest trends at present is the idea that spending too much time around artificial materials contributes to workplace dissatisfaction. 

As any good manager knows, feeling a sense of unease at work doesn't promote productivity. Even worse, it can stifle creativity.

If your high-flying employees start to sniff out an environment that leaves them feeling happier (i.e. another coampany), they may abandon ship and head there. While you can't transform your office's materials overnight, you can introduce new ones that promote workplace harmony.

Zenbooth meeting pods are all created from eco-friendly materials. When you bring your working spaces back to nature, your employees will feel at ease with their environment.

In addition, once you start heading down the green working environment route you'll generate positive press. In a world where eco-friendly practices can boost a business's popularity, installing environmentally-friendly workspaces could attract new clients and customers. 

Aside from the executive booth & rooms eco-friendly materials, it's also portable. You can easily move yours from place-to-place. As a result, you can avoid posing a risk to the ozone layer by turning your building into a construction site every time you need to alter it.

From the way they promote privacy to their professional nature, our meeting pods will bring lots of perks to your workplace. Get in touch with our team here to learn more. Thanks for reading. 

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