Indoor Office Pods Are Melting Stress & Ramping Up Worker Productivity

At a busy company, an office quiet space for meetings and confidential phone calls can be hard to find. The sounds of other employees on the phone, or typing and consulting with one another can prevent you from focusing on important tasks.

Indoor office pods or work booths provide private, quiet spaces that minimize distractions. You can have a meeting or make a confidential phone call without leaving the office or looking for a private area in a hallway or bathroom.

You can also use it as a place to escape when you're feeling overwhelmed. 

An Indoor Office Pod Size for Every Use

Office pods are available in sizes that can accommodate one to six people.

Maybe you need a quiet space where an individual employee can work without distraction. Or perhaps management needs a room for confidential meetings with employees or conferences with clients.

Whether you are a small startup or an established corporation, a booth that is the right size for your business needs can make the workday more convenient and far less chaotic.

The Failure of the Open Office Concept

At first glance, an open office plan appears to promote collaboration and communication among employees. To conduct a meeting, you simply turn around and talk to the coworker next to you.

However, you may have to leave the office if the meeting involves sensitive information.

Also the constant activity, interruptions and distractions of an open office plan can decrease productivity, increase stress and hurt employee morale.



Employee stress leads to increased sick days and high turnover. Factors that add to workplace stress include lack of privacy, lack of control over work environment, and a feeling of being under constant supervision.

In an open office, employees have no control over their work space temperature, lighting and noise level. An employee who feels as though they’re being watched will hesitate to take a needed break.

Ironically, the lack of privacy in open offices can inhibit the very thing they were designed to promote: communication and collaboration. Employees may hesitate to discuss workplace matters where everyone else can hear them, or may be too distracted by noise to carry on a conversation.

Office pods provide privacy and a space where employees can collaborate, right in the middle of a busy, open office. Co-workers can freely discuss that new project and easily hear what their colleagues are saying.

An individual employee can take short breaks without feeling self-conscious and work more efficiently.

Office pods are also easy to move so you can decide where privacy is needed most.

Indoor Office Pods Alleviate The Health Effects of Stress and Office Noise

The lack of walls in an open office floor plan makes it easier for germs to spread and can cause employees to become sick. Research shows that the number of sick days are 62% higher in an open floor plan.

Tinnitus is a condition caused by excessive noise, and causes a whistling sound in the ears. When noise makes it difficult to concentrate, the added stress can lead to high blood pressure.

Workplace noise can cause chronic fatigue that can lead to depression, stomach problems, and other illnesses, as well as increased workplace mistakes. Even low-level noise, such as telephones or typing, can add to stress and health problems.

When employees have access to office pods, they can work on key projects in a quiet, well-lit, well-ventilated space. A booth can block up to 40 decibels of noise, a significant number since low-level workplace noise can measure at least 85 decibels.

With access to a quiet, comfortable space, employee morale will likely increase while sick days decrease.

Better Than a Do-It-Yourself Indoor Office Pod

When you order a professionally designed and constructed office pod, you get a quality product made by skilled professionals. Builders must put at least 50 parts into each completed booth, including weather stripping, a floor mat, exhaust fans, dowel pins, driver bits, and an aluminum door. 

Building an office booth takes know-how and awareness of material safety. For example, precautions must be taken to protect against toxic gasses from the glues in some woods.

Safety glass must be used to prevent injuries. A poorly constructed booth could collapse and cause injury. Poor air circulation in the booth can cause fatigue and dizziness.

indoor office pods

It is best to let construction and design professionals, who are skilled in structural integrity and material safety, build your office pods.

These specialists know how to create small, comfortable, near soundproof structures that are well-ventilated with frequent air exchange. A professionally built office pod will be safe and comfortable and meet electrical and fire inspection standards.  

You won’t have to give up all the conveniences of your regular workspace, either. For example, a work booth for one person can include a custom wood standing desk, electrical outlets, and fast-charging USB outlets.

An anti-fatigue floor mat makes it easier on an employee who needs to pace while working. These features combine to make a much-needed quiet space in a bustling, busy open office.

Nearly Soundproof Booths That Are Eco-Friendly

Zenbooth designs and creates its noise blocking booths from sustainably sourced wood and recycled, renewable materials. The high-grade maple interior and exterior and aluminum doors give the booths a finished look.

Plenty of light can come in through the plexiglass ceiling and tempered glass door, and motion sensor-activated ventilation system quietly exchanges the air in less than two minutes.

All models are modular with easy-to-move design, and can be assembled in a matter of hours. The smallest booth takes 1 to 2 hours to assemble, and the largest model takes up to 4 to 6 hours. Your room or booth will arrive in a flat box shipped directly to you from our Berkeley, California factory. Zenbooths are available in several sizes, to accommodate office and employee needs:

  • Executive booth / meeting pods (84.5”x82”x41” exterior): for small private conferences
  • Comfort booths (84.5”x45.5”x41” exterior): for phone calls and other individual use

A Quiet Refuge Just Feet Away From Your Desk

Indoor office pods are an affordable, easy-to-use solution for the chronic noise and distractions of a typical office.

These products allow employees to work with the bonus of having a readily available quiet space. Imagine being able to make that important phone call, hold a confidential meeting with a colleague, or simply collect your thoughts, in a private space just feet away from your usual work area.

Co-workers and management are still nearby and accessible, but the privacy of a booth is available when needed.

Why worry about where you can hold your next meeting, or if that important phone call will be overheard in the hallway?

Indoor office pods are comfortable, safe and suitable for whatever size office you have. 

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