Noise Reduction Phone Booths Block Out Unwanted Distractions

Open office plans may be an economical way to save space, but they cause excessive distractions for employees. hampering their productivity.

25-30 percent of people working in an open office environment report being dissatisfied with the level of noise at work. Add to that the 54 percent of high-performance employees who find their workplace too distracting, and its clear companies need a solution. 

When offices have low partitions between desks - or none at all - workers are not afforded any amount of privacy or quiet they need to get things done. Enter noise reduction phone booths, a viable solution for eradicating distraction and restoring peace at your office.

Zenbooth offers modular office booths that come in varying sizes. From small, singular, comfort booths to larger executive booths that can accommodate up to two people, these solutions offer a quiet space for completing work or conducting important meetings. 

The best part? They are portable, allowing for relocation whenever and wherever you need them.

Benefits of Noise Reduction Phone Booths

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in every industry. Workers need a quiet place to make private phone calls, or complete projects without interruption. Our phone booths provide a peaceful atmosphere where thought processes won’t be interrupted and information can remain in the right hands. 

The open office environment often adds constraints to client conversations or meetings with co-workers, whether in-person or over the phone.  People are reluctant to divulge important information where they think others might hear, especially when that information is of a very sensitive nature. Private phone booths resolve this problem, allowing for sharing in a completely secure environment.

With a Zenbooth, employees can make those important phone calls while simultaneously having access to a laptop or mobile device. This is essential since most business information discussed over the phone requires data to be exchanged via a computer. 

Office Phone Booths Provide Mental Health Benefits

Office phone booths also improve employee morale. Workers who have a quiet place to complete important tasks will feel less stressed, which leads to better communication among employees and an overall relaxed working environment.

Employees working in an open office situation find it difficult to concentrate because of all the audible and visual commotion going on around them. Phone booths help improve concentration by providing solitude and a place to increase productivity.

The tranquil environment offers health benefits as well. Studies have shown that distractions caused in open offices can lead to disorders such as anxiety and hypertension. In fact, those working in an open office setting take 62 percent more sick days than those who work in designated offices.

Quiet phone booths give employees a place to go when they’re feeling anxious and stressed, and enable them to focus on being productive in a calm setting. They also promote relaxation, which helps keep blood pressure stable and gets the creative juices flowing.

Features of Office Phone Booths

The phone booths offered by Zenbooth can be used in a number of ways to meet a wide variety of needs. They can be moved and set up in a matter of 1-2 hours, and they're available in two sizes. The most popular is called the Comfort booth and is designed as a single person workspace. 

The larger of the two modular units is called the Executive booth, which functions as a small conference room, and is perfect for hosting small meetings or 1v1 sessions. It’s also a great place to make important decisions that must be discussed in private.

Both the Comfort and Executive Booths contain essential features that make them a great choice for any work setting. Because Zenbooth uses only the highest quality materials the end result is a superior product that delivers excellence every time. 

Less expensive materials may produce the same type of structure, but won’t be nearly as effective in filtering out unwanted distractions. They also won’t look as professional or last as long.

The two Zenbooth models share a rich feature set. Both are available in either white or maple wood to fit a wide array of decors and settings. They're also easy to assemble and move when you need to relocate.

A double pane glass door is also included for added insulation and privacy. This enables people on the outside to see when the room is in use. A plexi-glass ceiling also provides additional safety, while saving electrical costs by offering natural light. 

Whisper quiet ventilation fans keep these small rooms comfortable and climate-controlled. A sensor is included to detect when the rooms are in use, only running the fans when the spaces are occupied. This helps regulate utility costs and decreases waste. 

Built-in power outlets add even more convenience. Easily connect computers, phones and other devices for use when working, or choose the booth's USB ports when you need a charge. The booths can also be equipped with a VOIP phone, or placed in an area with a strong cellular signal so employees can use their own.

Renewable sound insulation is used to keep out up to 40 decibels of unwanted noise. That’s what makes our noise reduction phone booths the perfect, quiet escape for getting work done in an environment that is both distraction and stress-free.

Get in Touch With Zenbooth Today

All Zenbooth products are made right here in the USA. We use only wood materials sourced from American forests, and guarantee dependable, superb quality products. We also plant one tree for every tree used in construction of our booths. 

Noise reduction phone booths add flexibility to the workplace. Employees will know they have a quiet, safe place of retreat when the work day becomes too hectic because of all the chaos going on around them.

Add both a Comfort booth and Executive booth to your office as space allows, and begin improving workplace performance today. 

Visit our contact page  for answers to your questions or to receive more information. Thanks for reading. 

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