Office Phone Pods: ROI Benefits, Interior Features & Materials

Managers around the world have learned in recent years that offices lacking privacy are counter-productive. Staff need places to get away from the chaos of the open office to complete projects, hold meetings, or to make confidential phone calls.

Thankfully, Zenbooth offers the highest quality office pods made in the USA.

Zenbooth Comfort Booths and Executive Booths, as featured in the New York Times, have helped to drive the movement away from pure open offices, which lack barriers or privacy for staff. They instead form part of the “agile office,” which recognizes that while offices do benefit from more openness, staff benefit from having areas to do work or communicate in private.

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Benefits of an Office Phone Pod

Studies show that employees trapped in the typical open office environment encounter serious problems with concentration, productivity, and even health.

Almost two-thirds of office workers, when surveyed, expressed frustration with noise levels at their job. Both noise and unwanted visual distractions lead to breaks in concentration that can harm productivity. A study from Humboldt University in Berlin indicated that once broken, an individual requires an average of 23 minutes to fully restore focus. An office full of distractions can make deep work nearly impossible.

Constant office noise causes the release of cortisol, the hormone related to fight or flight. When released continually, which can happen with the typical day in an open office, it can cause anxiety, hypertension, and other issues. Workers in open offices take 62 percent more sick days than those in offices that offer privacy. Nothing hurts productivity or office function more than sick days that deprive your organization of talent & human resources.

Features and Different Uses for Office Phone Pods

Phone pods can serve the staff in a variety of ways. They come in two sizes, a Comfort Booth and small conference room size called the Executive Booth. The Comfort Booth perfectly fits one individual. You can do work alone in near silent conditions or have a private conversation on the phone.

The Executive Booth allows for a wider range of activities, with the capacity for holding two people. It can host 1v1 meetings or work sessions. Often times strategic decisions or personnel matters needs to be conducted in a confidential matter. An Executive Booth accommodates these activities perfectly.

In a larger sense, the Comfort Booth and Executive Booth benefit the whole staff in that they give employees a private place to escape noise and concentrate. They help to boost productivity while reducing stress.

Materials Used in Assembling Our Office Pod

Both the Comfort model and the small conference room come in white or maple wood with a double pane insulated glass door and a clear safety plexi-glass ceiling. In the interior, they boast custom wood desks and whisper quiet ventilation fans. They also use renewable sound insulation to more effectively shut out exterior noise of up to 40 decibels.

You know that Zenbooth products are of superior quality, because unlike many of our competitors, our products are made in the USA. All wood materials are sourced from local forests, and for each tree we use, we plant one in return.

You can learn more about the different short cuts companies take when making their work booths, and why you should never go with cheap or "affordable" phone booths.

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