Phone Pods for Workplaces: A Quiet, Relaxing Place to Get Stuff Done

Throughout America, open office plans have become common workplace environments. While the idea was originally meant to increase communication and improve collaboration, the end result was a decrease in focus and productivity.

According to an article written by Jeff Pochepan in The Chicago Tribune, “The open office plan was supposed to be less expensive and conducive to building a lighter, happier, more open and collaborative company culture. But it’s backfiring.”

Open office plans often consist of a large open space with desks or cubicles strategically placed throughout. While the cubicles allow for a modicum of privacy, they don’t suppress outside noise because they aren’t truly enclosed spaces.

This lack of enclosure makes it easy for phone and in-person conversations to be heard by others, which causes distractions for those who need peace and quiet to work. It also compromises confidentiality in situations where sensitive information needs to be provided by clients or customers.

Phone pods are a great solution to the problem. These modular structures provide employees a quiet, relaxing space to work independently or meet with others. They eliminate distractions, restoring privacy, focus and concentration.

Zenbooth offers a wide range of pods to meet a variety of workplace needs. From booths designed for one person to executive conference room options, these insulated spaces deliver a calm, quiet place to brainstorm and get the job done.

Phone Pod Features

All models have 3.5 inch thick walls that are acoustically treated for keeping unwanted noise out and private conversations inside. A double-paned glass door with a magnetic latching system also enhances privacy and confidentiality, while enabling others to see that the booth is currently occupied.

These bright and spacious phone pods are also equipped with a full skylight ceiling, producing a well-lit space that encourages creativity. Zenbooth is the only company offering this feature, adding uniqueness and appeal to their product line.

Zenbooth also addresses the need for ventilation in their modular enclosures by including a breezy airflow design. This system is controlled by sensors that detect occupancy, remaining inactive when the booth is not in use. Best of all they are nearly silent, so they won’t create any added distraction.

All our booths are equipped with two electrical outlets, making it easy to use your laptops and portable devices. Fast-charging USB ports are also available to foster uninterrupted activity.

Each phone pod is equipped with a custom wood standing desk for the times when occupants want to take a break from sitting. An anti-fatigue floor mat is also included to increase comfort and stability.

The phone booths include modular walls and floors, creating a very movable design. Imagine being able to relocate your cozy, quiet workspace to accommodate different situations wherever and whenever necessary. Easily transport them from one office floor to another, and have them set up in no time.

Zenbooth offers a variety of modular workspace units from the Comfort Booth to the Executive Booth. All are available in different woods/finishes and come with a full three-year warranty.

Why Choose Zenbooth?

Zenbooth phone pods are designed and manufactured in-house in Berkeley, California by a team of experts who understand the importance of creating quiet, relaxing spaces where employees can escape the chaotic demands of the open office environment. Only locally sourced, recycled materials are used, making them an eco-friendly option for any business type or open office layout.

Contact us to learn more about how you can save time and money while providing employees a quiet place that will change the way they do business. 

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