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While most noises are pleasant and at comfortable levels, there are times when noises can be extremely loud and even cause damage. The workplace can be a constant source of high volume distraction, and we usually don't have a choice other than to subject ourselves to it. Sadly, this comes at a significant cost to our health.

The Damaging Workplace Health Effects Noise Can Cause

One common problem that is caused by continuous exposure to loud noise is tinnitus. Tinnitus can be hard to describe, as symptoms vary from person to person. It is generally a sound that may seem to be in one ear or the other, but often feels like it is going straight through both of them. Those who have it describe it as a whistling sound or being similar to the roar of ocean waves. These sounds might be constant or they could come and go.  Tinnitus can be permanent or temporary, but either way, it's extremely difficult to focus or live with when it occurs. 



It's easy to see how loud noises can cause damage that affects the ears, but it can also cause damage in other ways. When noise becomes too distracting, it makes it hard to concentrate on what you're doing. It can significantly raise blood pressure and cause excess stress. By not being able to hear and follow instructions properly, it can be the source of many workplace mistakes, whether on your computer or interacting with others.


Every day we're surrounded by noise, from the moment we wake up until our head hits the pillow . Some noise is pleasant, like your favorite music or the sound of falling rain. Other types of noise can be disruptive and unwelcome, and this is the type of noise that can negatively affect your stress levels. 

Below we describe which types of noise are disruptive and the myriad of negative health consequences they stir up.

First, The Main Causes of Disruptive Noise 

Although there are technically hundreds of causes of disruptive noises, we've narrowed it down to a few broad categories. These categories have the biggest impact on your everyday stress levels. 

  • Traffic - Cars are one of the biggest causes of noise pollution in modern society. Even muted traffic sounds can push your stress levels up when it is a chronic disturbance. From speeding autos, motorcycles to frustrated drivers honking their horns, the roadway is not a peaceful environment by any stretch of the imagination.