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Working from home has so many incredible benefits. It’s easier to maintain a work/life balance without a commute – plus, it’s better for the planet. And when you have more time at home, there’s (presumably) more time to cook and workout, leading to additional overall health benefits. Without a train ride or drive home at rush hour, we can also spend more time with loved ones. 

But those positives have a dark side. Barriers between work and home crumble. You have to become your own manager. Roommates can be even more distracting than co-workers – and even if you have a Zenbooth office pod to help you focus, there’s a lot of mental hurdles to overcome. 

So what can we do? Below is some advice from remote employees across industries. 


As we enter 2022 with the coronavirus continuing its treacherous path – many of our returns to the workplace are delayed yet again. Some of us are back in a reduced capacity – two or three days a week – but many of us won’t return at all.

So if we’re staying at home, why would we need a private office pod like those offered by Zenbooth? 

Let’s explore.