Why Coworking Phone Booths Help Patrons and Owners

Why do some coworking spaces flourish while others falter? Coworking spaces are a hot commodity. Owning one in a busy metropolitan area full of contract workers, up-starters and creative types will almost certainly guarantee a steady income stream and a high capacity for growth. 

As the popularity of coworking spaces propagates, so grows their grand openings each year. Demand is there, but soon supply may quickly outpace it. What will make some coworking spaces stand out from the expanding pack? Could it be coworking phone booths, which help alleviate many common coworking space challenges?

These open offices that stand the test of time will offer more than just open work areas.

They might offer ping pong, indoor basketball games, smoothie bars and visiting masseurs and masseuses. But we digress. The beautiful thing about coworking spaces is that they have yet to meet the full potential of what they can offer in terms of actually getting work done.

Providing varied, flexible types of environments within your coworking space will bring it a step closer to the ideal.

From networking to every kind of working - private office phone booths enhance the value of a coworking space.

Coworking Phone Booths Help Maintain the Open Office Flexibility But Provide A Quiet Option

It’s simple, really. There is no single, perfect work environment. Coworking spaces are a brilliant idea. They provide hot desks (and hot coffee) for remote employees, independent sales reps, consultants and freelancers, small business owners and more.

They’re convenient, affordable and sociable, which can be a big plus for otherwise ‘at-home’ workers. They can also be quite motivating. People with goals surrounded by other people with goals. Everybody’s got their mind on success and on getting stuff done.

Coworking spaces also nourish networking relationships and open up opportunities to form more contacts . They provide a melting pot of sorts, where innovators and creators can connect in real time, face to face.

There are many, many other advantages to taking care of business at a coworking space, but there are also inherent disadvantages to the open office. All those wonderful, inspiring, people that keep your coworking space abuzz with possibilities also make it quite noisy and distracting for various people and business interactions. (Especially if you do provide ping pong tables.)

Give coworkers the option to utilize office phone booths and they'll see benefits right away.

It’s interesting that this leading edge advancement in office space design is built on a concept that’s 137 years old. The world’s first telephone booth was implemented in Berlin in 1881. Its purpose was to provide a quiet enclave in a public environment within which private telecommunication could take place.

It’s no wonder that the phone booth in popular culture has often represented a gateway to another dimension. In a sense, that’s exactly what it is. We duck inside and are momentarily whisked away from surrounding hustles (and bustles) into a serene and solitary space. Inside it we can think, we can talk, we can slow down and focus on the task at hand.

Short of actually servicing a top secret government agent, a superhero or a couple of excellent time travelers, the phone booth concept has found, arguably, its greatest application yet in the open office.

Coworking Phone Booth Benefits

Office phone booths offer the flexibility your coworking space needs.

There are many ways in which they can boost your coworking space’s profile, reputation and the productivity of its patrons:

  • Obviously, they’re the perfect place for private phone calls. They not only keep noise out, they also keep confidential information in. No more running to the bathroom to make or take a crucial phone pitch.
  • Phone booths are an ideal place for video conferencing.
  • If your coworking space is very bustling (and we hope it is), office phone booths in slightly larger sizes will be loved for small group brainstorming sessions.
  • They're the perfect place for proofreading your latest content marketing or presentation notes
  • People who thrive on the networking aspect of a coworking space but have difficulty concentrating when it comes down to the grunt work will appreciate a space in which to tune out distractions. No two people have exactly the same work style. Strengths and weaknesses in our surroundings can make or break success in a cowork space.
  • Coworking phone booths are an invaluable resource for a coworker who is hosting an outside client (or prospective client). They add class and professionalism to these important interactions.
  • They'll intrigue potential patrons who may otherwise shy away from or feel overwhelmed by the idea of a totally open office environment.

Once in place, the phone booths in your coworking space will likely be sought after by your patrons. How you choose to organize, schedule and charge (or not) is up to you. Some coworking spaces offer a few ‘under ten’ or ‘under five’ booths, where anyone can walk in at any time for a quick (under ten or five minute) phone call or meeting.

A simple signup sheet services this well. Coworking spaces also offer rentable booths in various sizes. They can be booked by way of hourly fees or monthly & annual subscriptions. 

It can also encourage longer term contracting with local patrons, particularly if included at a special price with a six month or annual membership. If you’re not sure how you want to handle this, just duck into your office quiet room and activate your super decision making powers.



Soundproof. Insulated. Ventilated. Wired and ready for action. They’re good-looking, too. Why choose a Zenbooth?

Lots of reasons. 

  • We make them affordable. Zenbooth phone booths start at just $4495.
  • We offer a variety of booth capacities, from 1 to 2 users.
  • We prioritize safety and are ADA approved. Zenbooths are properly ventilated for your patrons’ safety. Complete air exchange is achieved every two minutes when the booth is in use. We use high-grade safety plexiglass for our ceilings, and dual pane tempered glass for our doors. 
  • We love the environment and support local suppliers. Our construction materials are recycled and renewable. We use top quality materials sourced locally in California.
  • Our open office quiet rooms are smart and sexy. All of our booths provide USB and AC power along with data ports (for ethernet or cable). The entire Zenbooth can operate off of one 110V outlet. All booths are pre-loaded with a custom maple desk and feature a ceiling skylight, magnetic door latch system and anti-fatigue floor mat.
  • Zenbooths are truly soundproof. We insulate our walls with ground up denim!
  • Zenbooths are convenient. We ship direct from our factory with white glove service for all. Our booths are easy to assemble and disassemble, so when your coworking space grows, you can bring the booths with you to your new, awesome, bigger space. We can ship our small Maple Comfort Booths in as little as 10 days!
  • Zenbooths are warrantied for three years and can be returned within 30 days if you’re not satisfied. Though we’re pretty sure you’ll be ecstatic.

If you’re ready to add a coworking phone booth to your space  or wish to learn more about it, please reach out to us

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