5 Benefits of Office Phone Pods You Need to Know

The open office plan was created to save both space and money. By placing desks in close proximity to one another, rather than giving each employee their own office or cubicle, it seemed like a smart way to conserve resources. 

It was also believed that an open space would foster collaboration and a sense of equity at work. The reality? Open offices are actually causing more stress and distraction for employees throughout the workday.

The open office consists of rows of desks, sometimes with low cubicle-like partitions, that afford no quiet or privacy to employees when working. This causes a good deal of interruption during the day, especially in situations where high-performance employees are expected to handle multiple tasks quickly and efficiently.

Office phone pods by Zenbooth offer a viable solution to the problems caused by open office plans, eliminating distraction and restoring calm and quiet in the workplace. 

They boast many great features and offer a wide range of benefits that make them the perfect choice for any open office setting. Here are the top five features we think potential buyers should know about.

1. Office phone pods allow you to choose your own office space

    Because Zenbooths are available in varying sizes, you can choose the mobile office solution to fit the exact issues plaguing your offce. From small comfort pods created for one person use, to the executive model designed to accommodate two people, these quiet spaces are perfect for getting work done or conducting important conferences or meetings.

    You'll be able to step inside your own personal workspace whenever you need it. 

    2. Zenbooth phone pods promote confidentiality in the workplace

      Confidentiality is essential no matter what industry you’re in, but it's often compromised by the use of open office plans. Employees need a quiet, private place to talk to clients, make phone calls or complete projects that contain sensitive information without being interrupted.

      Our office pods block 40 dBs of noise which enables information spoken inside them to remain confidential.

      People are less likely to share sensitive details if they are afraid someone else may hear. Zenbooths provides the ability to share in an environment that is free of noise and is 100% secure.

      3. The quiet provided by a Zenbooth decreases stress

        The lack of disturbances from outside factors helps everyone stay on task while creating a healthier working environment. Zenbooths improve company morale by giving workers the opportunity to utilize a safe place & experience less stress.

        Less stress leads to more effective communication, a trait that will prove useful when working with clients and co-workers alike. 

          Disorders such as anxiety and hypertension can be brought on by the stress of working in noisy offices where concentration is difficult. In fact, studies have shown that people employed in this type of environment take more sick days per year than those who have traditional offices.

          Relocating to a calm setting often improves concentration and restores peace during an otherwise hectic work day. Having even just a few minutes to relax also helps lower blood pressure.

          4. Our booths contain features that satisfy all work situations

            Need an emergency office or conference room for a project or meeting? Easily relocate a Zenbooth in mere minutes to create the space you require. Zenbooths only weigh 500 pounds, half as much as our competitors. 

            Only the highest quality materials are used to build Zenbooth phone pods, creating a superior project that truly delivers. Both models are available in either maple or white finishes and so will go with any décor. Acoustically treated 3.5-inch thick walls and a double paned glass door keep unwanted noise from filtering into the room from the outside, making these booths the perfect place for holding important conversations and making crucial business decisions.

            A plexiglass ceiling is also used to form a skylight, which lets in a lot of light to create a bright space. This also gives the pod a more open and inviting feel.

            Custom wood desks offer substantial workspace for spreading out paperwork or using a laptop. Electrical and USB outlets are available for using or charging laptops, phones or other mobile devices.

            No matter what your work needs are, Zenbooths can satisfy them. 

            5. All of our products are made right here in the United States

              All Zenbooths are manufactured in Berkeley, CA from locally sourced, real wood materials. We back our products with a three year warranty, and for every tree used in the production of a phone pod, we ensure that one tree is planted back into the ground. 

              Transform your workspace, and revolutionize the way you do business. Add both the comfort and executive booths to your open office plan today, and improve workplace morale, comfort and performance.

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