9 Meeting Pod Uses & Advantages In An Open Office

Some office managers and business owners have asked, "Are meeting pods just a catchy startup workplace design idea, or are they truly going to increase the bottom line?"

To answer that question, just look at the facts. Open plan office research has shown consistently that employees prefer privacy. It has also shown that it's more than just a preference in terms of their physical setting. It is - in fact - directly tied to how productive they are at doing tasks essential to their job.

Among the long list of open plan office design issues is that a single distraction can take up to 23 minutes for a worker to recover from.

That was reported by Berlin's Humboldt University. With colleagues everywhere in an open office, this could easily amount to an hour or two of missed time from completing assignments.

Excessive work place noise, which can actually have serious health effects, is seen by many open office workers as detrimental to their ability to succeed. 58% of high performance employees (the ones businesses obviously want to keep around for the long haul) find their office too distracting. 25-30% think that it's too loud.

Now consider that almost 70% of offices have zero or low partitions separating employees, or at least creating some barrier for enhanced privacy. That adds up to an astounding number of workers who desperately need their office layout to be improved, if not entirely redesigned. 

At Zenbooth, we're focused on making the work place a more enjoyable, stress free environment. We want employees to be happy and feel like they're contributing the maximum amount.

That's why we've designed our unique brand of office meeting pods. As you can see from the photo, these meeting pods offer a quiet space that provides all kinds of benefits that an open office floor plan needs. 

Below we explain 9 of the most awesome uses and advantages an office meeting pod can bring to you company. 

1. Assemble your office's meeting pod in the perfect location

One of the most convenient features of this meeting room alternative is its portability and ease of assembly. 

Standard, traditional conference rooms are built to be static. They're permanence doesn't allow for any adaptation to office layout changes. Employees who need to use the conference room most might find its location not very accessible. Or, any number of changes to personnel and team needs might not be conducive to the meeting rooms original location.

Meeting pods from Zenbooth can not only move to any location in your office, but if you ever decide to leave your current work space and lease somewhere else, you can simply disassemble your pod and bring it with you.

2. Meeting pods can potentially save thousands of dollars in construction costs

This portability and ease of assembly leads to our second benefit, which has the potential to save thousands of dollars. 

Imagine if, as your company grows in size, you have to add meeting or conference rooms to additional floors. Hiring contractors to build these out, and the downtime that would occur within your office, could not only hurt your profitability but it would likely slow down productivity as well.

The noise alone would increase stress levels, as studies have shown. 

Meeting pods are a terrific alternative to building a new conference room entirely, and as you'll see from our next section, they come with additional features that standard conference rooms don't have. 

3. Unlike standard meeting rooms, pods have USB ports

meeting pod features

USB ports are probably a tough item to find at older, more established companies. If you're like us, you usually need to bring your laptop or your own adapter with you to a conference room.

That's a pain that no one needs to deal with, and it can easily delay an important meeting or presentation.

Our office privacy pods have USB ports built into the walls so that no matter what device you want to use, you can charge your battery as long as you need to.

4. Zenbooth meeting pods are better at blocking noise

Not all conference rooms are designed specifically to block noise, but our soundproof booths do exactly that. 

Our booths are insulated with R-13 insulation, which is ground up blue denim.

Additionally, the R-13 we use offers exceptional thermal and sound control.

5. Zenbooths contain quiet ventilation fans

Each meeting pod we produce has its own sophisticated ventilation system. This feature is strong and fast enough to replenish all the air inside the booth in just two minutes.

We use two exhaust ventilation fans that are exceptionally quiet so team members don't have to worry about talking at a loud volume, or hearing soft-spoken colleagues and clients. 

The ventilation system we use also saves tons of energy. Unlike most systems, which need to either be manually turned on or off, our vents are motion sensor activated. As soon as person enters the meeting pod, they turn on, and when enough time has passed and there is no movement detected, the system turns off. 

The vents (and room itself) are powered by a standard 110V (three pronged) outlet. We supply a 15 foot extension cord with each pod.

6. They're a more appropriate space for the 1 person conference call

Countless companies have called to inquire about our meeting pods, mentioning specifically that they're either fed up with one person hogging the only conference room, or that they just need a conference room big enough for one to two people.

That's where the size of our meeting booths makes so much sense. 

Adding one to your office, even if it's for a single coworker, can be just the amount of privacy needed to increase production. 


7. They free up space for other office needs

The compact size of each Zenbooth means you don't have to tie up limited, valuable office space with the construction of a regular sized conference room. 

Conference rooms can look and feel majorly unnecessary when a small team of 3-4 workers are sitting at a table for 12. 

Going with a meeting pod allows you to conserve precious real estate and use it for other beneficial features your staff needs. This additional space could be used for a bigger kitchen area, or more partitioned desks. It could also be used for a meditation room or waiting area with a television.

Regardless of how you decide to take advantage of the extra room in your office, it's going to make your workplace much better. 


8. Zenbooth meeting pods are eco friendly & recyclable

Like many companies in Silicon Valley, we recognize the need to create an environmentally sustainable future.

This includes the production of our meeting pods. Zenbooth works with local suppliers and only includes recyclable or renewable materials in the construction of our products. 

Not only that but all the wood used for the pods comes from local, American forests. 

Contracting out for the construction of a conference room means you might not know exactly what materials you're adding to your work space. 


9. Meeting pods can provide a secluded space for sick workers

One incredible statistic we found after we did our open office research was that employees in that particular environment take 62% more sick days vs workers in a closed office setting.

This could be because once a colleague gets sick, their common cold or flu can't be kept from their co-workers. 

The high number of sick days could also come from the fact that open offices are more stressful and stress weakens our immune system. 

A meeting pod can be a great place for an employee who isn't feeling well to hang out in until they get better. They'll be more comfortable, won't have to deal with noise, and won't be close to other workers they might contaminate. 

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