Conference Room Meeting Pods: Features, Pictures & Benefits

Many businesses believe that wide open office layouts are the ideal workspace. But there may in fact be a better option. 

If you want to increase accountability and eventually boost productivity by adding more privacy, a different office design is needed - one that includes furniture like conference room meeting pods.

How Conference Room Meeting Pods Solve the Disadvantages of an Open Office

According to a report released by the International Facility Management Association, 70 percent of businesses already have an open floor plan. However, this doesn’t mean that your employees will necessarily embrace the open office idea without resistance. Here's why:

Excess Noise

There are lots of face-to-face and over-the-phone conversations happening in an open office set up at any given moment. Overhearing snippets of different conversations throughout the day can be very annoying. 

It’s hard for your teams to fully concentrate on various tasks if they’re constantly being bombarded with stimuli from every angle. 

When you have a crowd of people in an enclosed environment, anything can be a disturbance. In fact, 'visual' noise is a particular problem in such settings. 

Noise distractions at work make it nearly impossible for your employees to multitask, focus, and be productive. Distractions are time thieves; it can take up to 23 minutes to regain focus after an interruption.

Up to 30% of open space office workers find the noise levels uncomfortable. You can make work easier, boost collaboration, and overcome this obstacle by investing in open office conference rooms. 

Open Offices Increases Mistrust

In an open office layout, it’s easier for people to stop trusting each other due to low levels of security and accountability. In such situations, some employees may begin suspecting malice in others whenever someone misplaces a personal item such as a mobile phone or wallet.

Conference Room Meeting Pods Prevent A Lack of Privacy

Lack of privacy at the workplace demoralizes employees. No one likes being judged or continuously watched. While the purpose of an open office layout is to boost collaboration, privacy boosts job performance. 

Furthermore, everyone needs his or her quiet space to unwind and decompress.

Communicable Diseases Spread Faster

An infectious disease will spread much more quickly in an open office plan than in a closed setup. Since everyone is breathing the same air and sharing the same physical space, the flu, for instance, could spread rapidly and affect the performance of your entire staff. 

Open office workers take 62% more sick days than those in closed office layouts.

Features and Benefits of Our Conference Room Office Pods

Nowadays, many modern office designs incorporate individual work pods in the open office layout to eliminate some of its drawbacks. 

Our state of the art conference room pods are built to provide much-needed privacy and seclusion to hold meetings or carry out important tasks. 

Here are some of the main features of Zenbooth products.

Portability and Flexibility

Regardless of the size or plan of your office, transporting and assembling a Zenbooth is a straightforward process. Unlike traditional conference room plans that are permanent, you can adjust the layout of your room by choosing different designs.

Since the standard, permanent layouts are static; they may not be suitable for some of your teams. Zenbooths are flexible and can easily be moved to different locations in your office whenever needed.

Perfect Sizes

Constructing a regular conference room for your employees, especially when you want to expand, will consume a lot of valuable office space. But with Zenbooth you can conserve your precious floor space. 

Having a team of six people holding a meeting at a table designed for 12 is a waste of valuable real estate. So, depending on your specific needs, you can choose from our different models like the Executive Room or Executive Booth XL and avoid wasting resources.


As your business grows, you can bring in additional conference rooms more affordably, rather than hiring contractors to build new meeting rooms. 

For instance, assembling our Executive Room that can accommodate 4-6 people at the cost of $13,995.00 is a more cost-effective approach than building a permanent structure.

Meeting Pods with USB Ports

All our conference room models come with in-built convenience and connectivity features that you may not find in traditional rooms. 

Your employees won’t have to suffer the frustration of their laptops, tablets, or phones running low on power during meetings. Our products come with USB and socket charging ports to ensure meetings and presentations are conducted seamlessly without experiencing disruptions and delays.

Noise Blockers

We design each soundproof booth to ensure minimum distractions during meetings. Each portable meeting pod is lined with R-13 insulation to make sure external noises don’t disrupt meetings. Our booths can eliminate more than 50% of office noise; this leads to better concentration and productivity.

Quiet Ventilation Fans

We use a sophisticated ventilation system that keeps replenishing the air inside the booth without causing any disturbing noises. Even when the fans are running, your teams don’t have to worry about hearing soft-spoken clients or raising their voices to be heard. Our motion sensor activated vents are also energy efficient.

It’s clear that an open office plan without enclosed spaces or rooms has its disadvantages. However, with Zenbooth you can transform your office setup affordably. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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