Open Office Conference Rooms - Equipped For The Modern Business

There are several reasons to opt for an open office layout. It allows for better communication, more flexibility, and an overall more attractive aesthetic. The primary reason not to go for an open office layout? The lack of privacy. 

Workers in open offices across the country are suffering from the distractions, the disruptions, and the lack of confidentiality that come with taking down the walls and partitions in the workspace. 

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The good news is that you don't have to choose between privacy and flexibility.

Open Office Conference Rooms

Open office conference rooms are becoming the way of the future, with more and more employers installing these convenient, portable spaces into their preexisting floor plans. With multiple uses, special features, and a number benefits for staff, adding a conference room into your open office layout can raise both mood and productivity among employees.

Zenbooth offers the most convenient, attractive, and affordable conference rooms on the market. Their innovative design incorporates 3.5 inch thick walls, an impressive ventilation system, and more, all coated in a gorgeous maple or white exterior. 

There are two different models for employers to choose from.

The Executive Room

Zenbooth's executive room serves as an accessible, sound-proof meeting place for up to six people at a time. Their compact yet comfortable design results in a 90 × 93 × 93 exterior and 84 × 84 × 84 (h,w,d) interior which fits neatly into almost every office layout imaginable

Claustrophobia is never a concern due to the practical lighting and ventilation system. Collaboration has never been easier among co-workers than it is when they're able to utilize a space for team discussions, meetings, and important conversations.

You'll never have to worry again about securing a conference room somewhere else in the building or halfway across town. Now you can have peace and quiet at a moment's notice in your pre-existing workspace.

The Executive Booth XL

The executive booth XL is an impressively versatile and convenient space for workers in every industry. The sleek design blends in a range of workspaces, allowing the booth to be subtle, despite it being 900lbs with exterior dimensions of 84.5H×84W×46D. They're available in both maple and white exteriors and totally portable.

This 31-inch wide workspace is perfect for teams of two who need to get away from the hustle of the office to work quietly without interruptions. The booth is outfitted with multiple electrical outlets, and an optional adjustable desk to maximize employee comfort, especially for those who want activity based working offices. 

The electrical outlets are supported by expert cable routing that ensures your staff have all the space they need to bunker down and get work done in a timely and comfortable manner.

The Multiple Uses of a Conference Room

There are multiple scenarios in which installing a conference room into your office is incredibly convenient. To have additional space to duck into when you work in a busy office is a benefit in itself. 

The best part is that you don't need to move your office or pay for an entirely new room to be built into your current layout! 

Conferences: As the name suggests, conference rooms are optimal for conferences. Are you hosting special guests, sister companies, or giving an important presentation? This quiet space can host small groups of people comfortably, with plenty of room for additional materials and lots of laptops.

Meetings: Looking for a new place to host office meetings? A conference room creates a more centralized area where people can focus on the contents of the meeting without getting distracted by outside disruptions or loud noises.

Interviews: These rooms make for the perfect space to conduct interviews of potential new hires. They allow for the privacy you need to be able to have an honest and comfortable conversation with multiple interviewees.

Team Projects: It can be difficult for small teams of workers to focus on an assignment if they're surrounded by other co-workers, multiple conversations, and ringing phones. The installation of one of these rooms makes it easier for a team to break away from the rest of the office to focus uninterrupted on the task at hand. 

Sensitive Conversations: There are several conversations that you might need to have where you'd rather not have the entire office listening in. Having a quiet, sound-proof room is ideal for employers who need to do things like give feedback or dismiss employees. They also allow for space where employees can have some privacy while conducting important phone calls with clients or associates. 

Zenbooth Products Miss No Details

Zenbooth products are outfitted with special features and qualities to make them optimal for employee comfort and productivity. Their sturdy and common-sense design allows for more user-friendly details that will put an employee in a better mood and headspace than when they entered. 

Ventilation System: The high-quality ventilation system installed in Zenbooth conference rooms and phone booths rival the ventilation systems of entire office layouts. 

This compact but powerful system keeps employees feeling awake and refreshed, helping to reduce dizziness, sweatiness, dehydration, and much more. This quality is more important than you might think when you have up to six people working in one space. 

Electrical Outlets: Having access to a sufficient number of electrical outlets is crucial to being able to work efficiently. Zenbooth conference rooms are outfitted with several outlets, USB ports, and data ports to ensure that people have access to what they need when they need it, even if the room is at full capacity.

Soundproof Design: The 3.5-inch thick cotton insulated walls of this room ensures that nothing said during a meeting can be heard by co-workers passing by. The echo absorption function through the room's echo-reducing perforated aluminum panels allows for meetings and collaborative efforts to go on uninterrupted with optimum privacy.

Comfortable Lighting: You don't have to worry about installing some weak hanging lights in your new conference room. These models come fully outfitted with shatter-proof plexiglass ceilings that allow natural light to comfortably shine inside. 

A major benefit of having a plexiglass ceiling rather than a light fixture if that there's no added electricity cost and it doesn't take up any additional space.

Price: The prices of the executive room and the executive booth xl are typically far less than having a construction and design team come into your workspace to try and create an entirely new room. 

Of course, the cost of the installation is only the beginning, with costs for paint, furniture, light fixtures, and more to follow. Zenbooth prices include everything you'll need, with no hidden fees.

Adaptability: Zenbooth products can be installed into any pre-existing workspace (provided there's at least a modicum of space). These rooms can be deployed in crammed offices to offer a sensible escape, or in any open space you decide upon. 

You won't have to worry about asking the building owners for permission or moving into an entirely new building just to get an additional room. Booths ca be assembled and diassembled with ease.

Time-Sensitive: A notable downside of opting to have a room constructed in your office is that you may need to take time off work while construction is completed. No one wants to invite this sort of downtime. Installing a Zenbooth room only takes hours.

Choose An Open Office Conference Room For Your Agile or ABW Workspace

Do you think a Zenbooth conference room would make a meaningful change in your worklife? 

We deliver our products in as little as five days after you've placed your order. We're so confident that you'll love the new addition to your office that we offer a 3-year warranty, a 30-day return policy, and free shipping for orders within California. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to ask any questions you may have, or to place an order to get your Zenbooth product today.

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