Private Office Layout Ideas To Save Your Distracted Workforce

In the quest for greater productivity, companies are adopting breakout spaces and privacy booths in their existing open office layouts. The idea is to satisfy employees’ needs for quiet, support effective collaboration and improve work performance. 

As senior workplace consultant Emma Mitchell rightly points out, “Today’s workplace is more open than ever.” The lack of barriers in modern office design can lead to an employee's right to solitude being overlooked. 

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Not to mention that open floor plans are filled with noise and distractions, affecting employee concentration, anxiety and engagement with their work.

If you’re looking for ways to integrate privacy into your office design, we’ve got just the right tips. Here's a list of four private office layout ideas that will help you create more efficient workplaces and address your employees’ needs at the same time. 

Add Private Enclaves to Your Office 

Enclaves are short-term retreat spaces that can give workers a change of pace and posture, which in turn can stimulate new ideas and generate more conversations in the office. 

If you’re looking for ways to integrate privacy into your office design, we’ve got just the right tips. Here's a list of four private office layout ideas that will help you create more efficient workplaces and address your employees’ needs at the same time. 

Implementing private enclaves will add flexibility to the workplace. First, they provide a private oasis where employees can relax after a particularly trying telephone conversation with a client, or grab a few minutes to prep for the next meeting. 

Second, they allow employees to take some time away from the buzz of the office and break from the togetherness that’s so characteristic with open floor plans. Since enclaves offer relaxing personal spaces, they’re ideally suited to promote focus and rejuvenation throughout the day. 

Third, they’re comfortable solo spaces where employees can make or take private phone calls, gather their thoughts, or do some quiet, focused work. 

The Comfort Booth by Zenbooth is a multi-functional room that also doubles as an enclave for busy open offices. It offers a distraction-free environment to individual employees looking for a quiet and private space to work. 

Choose to install multiple Comfort Booths in your office so that everyone can get a bit of isolation and find their elusive "flow."

And Old School Office Layout Idea - Mobile Marker Boards and Partition Screens 

Another private office layout idea you could use in your open floor plan are mobile marker boards and partition screens. These are a flexible solution that you can implement and move throughout the office to enhance individual and group privacy. 

They also offer breakout spaces where employees can get some time to themselves. 

Especially attractive for those working in a fast-paced office environment, partition screens and boards are extremely practical and versatile. Because they can be easily moved around, partition screens can be used anywhere in the office, either by individual employees looking for a private space or by groups who need a distraction-free environment for a brainstorming session. 

Another benefit to consider is their affordable price point. Partition screens are not permanent structures and they’re often made from low-cost materials, which makes them more convenient if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution. 

And to benefit your employees even further, you can choose acoustic screens and boards that help to minimize sound distractions.

Need a Private Office Layout Idea for Teams? Try Huddle Room Furniture

Huddle rooms are similar to private enclaves in many ways, with one major difference: they’re intended to be used by teams rather than individuals. 

They’re private spaces that can accommodate teams of up to six people, and they’re considered an effective alternative to standard conference rooms. 

The name ‘huddle rooms’ draws from sports teams’ habit of getting together in a tight bunch to plan their strategy on the field or the court. Huddle rooms are based on this same concept of collaboration — they offer a quiet and spacious enough environment where employees can meet, discuss and brainstorm away from distractions.

If you’re considering adding more private spaces throughout the office, implementing huddle rooms will be an extremely effective solution that your employees will embrace. From impromptu meetings to spontaneous brainstorming and problem-solving sessions, conference calls and briefings, huddle rooms address most — if not all — the issues of an open office. 

There are different ways to implement huddle rooms in an office. If certain departments within the company need a space for frequent meetings, you can install huddle rooms within easy distance of their desks. Similarly, if a certain department tends to be particularly noisy, installing huddle rooms will allow nearby workers to escape the buzz and concentrate on their tasks. 

You might also find that having multiple — albeit smaller — spaces for meetings will enable you to use your real estate more effectively. Huddle rooms are easier to install and take up less space, which means they’re far more convenient and affordable compared to standard conference rooms. 

Additionally, huddle rooms are a great way to transform under-utilized areas into more effective spaces that will benefit both your employees and your bottom line. 

Zenbooth offers two office booths that can be used as huddle rooms — the Executive XL Booth and the Executive Room. Featuring height-adjustable desks, soundproof walls, built-in ventilation and glass ceilings that allow light to flow right in, these booths can seat from two to three and four to six people respectively. 

Thus, they provide an effective and affordable alternative to private offices or conference rooms. Learn more about the features of our private meeting booths here

High-Back Seating Provides a Physical & Mental Barrier for Staff

Upgrading existing chairs in the office with high-back seating provides another effective way to respect employees’ privacy and allow them to work away from the prying eyes of their managers & colleagues. 

One of the downsides of open offices is that they can make employees feel like they are under observation from their peers and distract them from their tasks. Furthermore, it can also create additional stress, forcing people into looking busy but without letting them get busy

High-back seating can take away some of these inconveniences by adding a barrier between an employee and their peers. However, it’s worth noting that this option doesn’t necessarily address the problem of acoustical privacy as the seats are not soundproof. 

Employees wanting to make or take a telephone call won’t enjoy the same level of seclusion that enclaves or huddle rooms offer. 

Still, if your office isn’t particularly noisy, high-backed seating will be an adequate enough way to introduce an element of peace in your open floor plan. 

Incorporate Phone Booths as Private Offices 

If you’re looking for ways to transform your open office plan into a more private space, phone booths might be just what you need. 

Phone booths, also known as office booths or office pods, are compact structures designed as smaller workspaces where employees can work quietly and without distractions. Due to their reduced dimensions, office pods can be implemented throughout the workplace as private enclaves, huddle rooms, and even mini offices. 

Many companies, such as Samsung, Lyft and Capital One, are already using Zenbooth office pods to introduce an element of isolation into their office layouts and promote productivity. 

Zenbooth designs and manufactures high-quality office pods that accommodate both individual employees and small teams. Available in three distinct models, the Zenbooth products are built with the modern employee in mind. 

Featuring 3.5-inch thick walls with sound insulation, twin high-performance ventilation fans powered by occupancy sensors, height-adjustable desks, self-closing aluminum doors and power + data units, the Zenbooth office pods offer all the conveniences of traditional private offices.

Learn about all the features of our booths here, or contact us to discuss adding them to your office this week.

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