3 Ways Office Phone Booths Lower Anxiety and Health Issues

Open office setups look cool and modern, but they do not bolster productivity. According to research carried out by the University of Sydney, most employees working find open offices expose them to too much co-worker chatter, small talk, constant noise, etc.

Though open offices have their minor perks, the noise and distractions can hinder productivity, and burn out even the most sociable or extroverted employees.

Focusing on important tasks in the office requires a calm and private space. A private booth offers just that. These booths insulate employees from casual banter, lunch invites, quick questions, etc. so that they can spend more time working. Keep reading to learn how office phone booths work and why every office should have them.

What is an Office Phone Booth? And How Does It Work?

An office phone booth is an enclosed, private pod that lets employees handle their work in peace. Invariably built with echo reduction panels and thick wall insulation, these booths keep personal phone conversations private and ensure outside noise doesn't cause distractions.

Noise in an office could be from other employees contacting business partners/clients, the grinding coffee machine, a loud printer, outside traffic, etc. An office phone booth cuts workplace noise significantly. 

The booth's door is made completely of glass, so that the people inside can see the outside world and not feel claustrophobic. For increased privacy, the glass doors could be frosted.

The bright lighting, ventilation and spaciousness allow staff to work with ease. 

Significance of an Office Phone Booth

Workplace distraction is not just an issue for employees making phone calls on the floor, but it could also be a problem for the individual on the receiving end of the call. Offering customer support and making sales calls over the phone are still quite common in modern offices.

Noisy work environments could lead to both parties mishearing each other and/or repeating themselves multiple times during the conversation. This may annoy clients and customers that make contact over the phone, resulting in loss of business or a bad impression of the company.

When working from within a private booth, the employee is much more cheerful and patient during phone calls and is able to serve the customer a lot more effectively. Most importantly, they would not have to take client calls in bathrooms or in the hallway.

According to studies cited by eminent professors John Weeks and Anne-Laure Fayard, employees in open offices engage in brief and shallow discussions with clients, because of the knowledge that they could be interrupted or overheard. An office phone booth helps overcome this menace. The booth can also be used to conduct video conferences and carry out focused work.

Ways in Which Phone Booths Lower Anxiety and Health Problems

The American Institute of Stress says workplace stress cost employers in the United States more than $300 billion. In other words, stress within an office could hamper the whole business operation.

Employees affected by stress and anxiety  perform poorly and their relationship with their colleagues and peers is also negatively affected. People who have recently transitioned from a private office setup to an open office environment can vouch for how anxiety-provoking open offices can be.

Working from within office pods can significantly lower work-related stress two ways:

    • Cuts Out Excessive Interruptions

    Workplace interruptions disrupt workflow and productivity. Regaining concentration and momentum after breaks take time and could lead to inefficiency in the long run. Also, in open offices, managers and supervisors are always working alongside employees. 

    In fact, when Facebook came up with its brand-new office in 2012, it was an open floor office and Mark Zuckerberg's workspace was also out in the open.

    Though such seating arrangements make managers more accessible to their subordinates for guidance and conversations, the sheer presence of a senior in the vicinity could freak some employees out and keep them under constant stress and pressure. Office booths offer these employees a temporary refuge.

    • Helps Regain Environmental Control

    In an open office arrangement, employees usually do not have the ability or freedom to tune their environment to their liking. They cannot control the lighting, temperature, or even personalize their workstations. 

    Some offices even do not have workstations assigned to their employees. All these things, added together, can significantly annoy and stress out an employee. 

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