How Office Meeting Pods Create a Flexible, Relaxing Work Environment

Over the last few decades, the nature of office layouts has evolved. Closed rooms used to reflect the hierarchical structure of offices, but today it’s more common to work in an open environment.

Although open offices convey plenty of benefits in terms of interactions between workers, they’re far from ideal for productivity. For example, those who work in open offices tend to have more absences due to illness. Additionally, 25-30 percent of those who work in open office environments dislike the noise levels they experience. At Zenbooth, we believe our office meeting pods allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Our pods block up to 40 decibels of noise, allowing those who work in open offices to find peace when they need it.

Thanks to the meeting pod's mobile nature, you can add one to your open office and rearrange it later with minimal fuss.

Details about Zenbooth's modern office furniture

Zenbooths are a non-confined space that employees can use for intensive work. Our design team has created a product that is fully flexible, relaxing, and ideal for creating an office environment that evolves with your business’s needs.

For example, you may choose to invest in one of our comfortable Executive Rooms.

With this booth, you provide your employees with a simple place to take phone calls, generate ideas, or relax away from the noise of their coworkers. Each of our office pods include:

  • The use of eco-friendly materials, which some experts believe offset the fatigue in offices caused by non-authentic materials generate
  • Robust soundproofing so employees can take business phone calls in a professional environment.
  • All meeting pods are mobile so you can move them to different areas of your business when necessary.
  • Plug sockets and fast-charging USB ports, making it possible to use portable electronic devices while inside.
  • Ventilation that activates as the user walks in, making them even more eco-friendly, cost-effective, and refreshing.

Brought together, each of the features above ensures we’re a cut above our competitors. Let’s explore some examples of how a Zenbooth could work in your office.

Creating meeting spaces that vary according to departmental requirements

Although 70 percent of American workplaces have adopted the open office concept, a few brands are stepping away from them. For example, more companies are tuning in to the idea that office neighborhoods are a better fit for their staff.

In a nutshell, office neighborhoods are workplaces that develop their departments’ offices in accordance with the department’s unique needs.

An organization may use office meeting pods as quiet spaces where employees can escape workplace distractions, while still keeping their open office floor plan.

Our Executive Booths make the above office neighborhood integrations possible. Each Executive Booth features enough space for two individuals to sit. Once inside, they benefit from a fully soundproofed environment that shuts the outside world away.

The seats and charging ports allow them to work and take note of their conversations, while the insulated glass doors prevent them from feeling isolated.

Like all of our booths, they feature anti-fatigue flooring that offsets the negative effects of working long hours. They’re ideal spaces for your employees to converse in private, or for you to hold client conversations.


Creating meeting spaces that protect projects until completion

Although you may decide that your meeting booth is a quiet space to start, the beauty of investing in one is that you can alter its purpose. For example, you may initially want your booth to become a place where colleagues enjoy some peace, but later on need it for 1v1 project collaboration.

This space can give a project the room it needs to breathe and the staff working on it a place to fully focus. In a traditional office setting, meeting spaces would reshape on a daily basis. An evolving office environment is a good thing to a certain extent.

However, constantly tearing down project ideas and kicking teams out of rooms could disrupt their creative flow. At Zenbooth, we believe our Executive Booths are ideal for use as a dedicated project space. Once the project ends, the executive meeting booth is open to whatever your company needs next, whether that be for individuals or another departmental team.

Soundproofing that ensures important conversations remain confidential

With such high levels of noise dissatisfaction among those who work in open offices, it’s safe to assume they find taking phone calls challenging. This has a negative effect on businesses when it comes to professional conversations.

First, if an employee constantly has to ask a client to repeat themselves, that may leave the client feeling frustrated. In contrast, when they’re able to shut away the noise outside, the client becomes clearer and they're more likely to feel prioritized.

Private conversations can become even more challenging when it comes to international business. Cross-country connections are more reliable than ever. But when someone is speaking in a language that isn’t their mother tongue, they can soon struggle to understand the people they're conversing with.

When your employees use an Executive Booth, they benefit from soundproofing that makes international calls crisp and clear..

Meeting pods provide a safe place to relax

Most people need to take a breather at some stage during the work day, but offices are naturally hectic. While our Executive Rooms can hold up to six people, there’s nothing to say that employees can’t use them to get a little alone time.

In some cultures (and in a growing number of American working environments), it’s not unusual to take time to meditate.

As a proven means of lowering stress levels, meditation has a strong relationship with enhancing concentration. From bad weather conditions to time-sensitive projects, there are lots of reasons for employees to not want to venture outside when they need a peaceful setting.

Our Zenbooth's quiet nature and use of eco-friendly materials make it a soothing environment perfect for meditation.

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Adding flexible meeting spaces to your work environment enhances productivity, makes adaptable work settings simpler to achieve, and improves your professional image.

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