Office Work Booths: Helping Prevent Workplace Energy Drain

It's true; no one really wants to spend a whole day at work but that could be for a different reason than you think. If you walk through the doors of the workplace and suddenly your energy level drops from a 10 to a 2, your workplace environment needs an overhaul.

What exactly is it that drains your energy? Humans are social creatures who like to talk, laugh, and tell stories. If you have a cliquey group in the office or someone who is pessimistic and eternally negative, you expend lots energy combating them. 

office work booths

Distractions Reduce Productivity

It's commonly known that being distracted keeps people from thinking clearly and has a negative impact on their ability to be productive. One of the biggest culprits of distraction is the popular open office workspace. It was originally thought that an open office would promote collaborative thinking and creativity, both of which are huge assets to any company.

In some instances, this was true. However researchers ultimately discovered that the open office was ripe with issues. Blocking concentration and reducing productivity, open workspaces have been causing more disadvantages than benefits.

Two major examples are that the number of employee conflicts rose as employee attendance decreased.

A student of psychology, Kimberly A. Leung, conducted a study on the effects distraction has on task performance. She found that distractions such as music, talking, and repetitive noise like the clicking of a pen or tapping of a pencil caused participants to move to a different workspace.

In these instances, participants were able to regain concentration. She also found that having to avoid distraction can exhaust one’s energy cognitively and physically.

“Auditory distractions that originate from the surrounding work environment can do harm to an organization, especially in open-plan offices.” (Juneja 2011). These distractions have a negative impact on job performance either through loss of productivity or by bad behavior, such as acting out against coworkers. 

Every 30-second interruption can result in a worker taking 20 minutes to get back into the flow of things. Depending on how many interruptions you have, that could add up many wasted days of work. 

Office Work Booths: The Solution to Frustration in the Workplace

With workers in open offices taking up to 62% more sick days, the message is clear. People are stressed by constant noises and distractions. 58% of employees say they need a quieter place to work but 70% of today’s offices have low or zero partitions.

The architecture of today’s offices have been planned around the open office structure rather than individual office spaces. At the time they were created, these plans were thought to be more cost-effective. Instead, the loss of production has cost companies more than they ever could have imagined.

So, what do you do without a complete renovation of the workspace? You give employees their own space by installing a self-contained work area. Zenbooth’s phone booths can be installed into your open office plan easily. They can provide employees with a quiet place to work whenever they need it.

Our office phone booth was developed by our architectural designers and is crafted from high-quality materials. It is quick to assemble and can easily be moved around the office. 

This solution reduces employee stress by eliminating constant office distractions. Employees are more focused and productive, ultimately leading to less sick days and increased company revenue.

Our Zenbooths are insulated with blue denim, which offers outstanding thermal and acoustic control. They are pre-finished using high-grade maple wood inside and out. The ceiling is made of high-grade safety plexiglass and the door is a dual pane tempered glass, allowing for natural light to enter the work booth.

Two exceptionally quiet exhaust fans provide ventilation and exchange air within the booth in under 2 minutes. The fans are motion activated by the sensors on the door, which keeps the temperature inside comfortable.

The Zenbooth isn’t limited to single employee workspaces. There are different models to choose from. The executive size office meeting booths are wheelchair accessible and allow for a full 360-degree turn inside the room and enough space for 2 people.

The quiet Comfort Booths provide the perfect place to focus. They measure 83x36.75x33.25 inches in the interior and come with an anti-fatigue floor mat to make working at the standing desk height more comfortable. The desk top is the perfect height of 40” tall.

Product Details

Our work pods are environmentally friendly. We use recycled and renewable insulation and wood sourced from local U.S. forests. 

Zenbooths only need a standard 110v outlet to run. Once plugged in, you can utilize the 2 fast-charging USB ports and 1 open port for an ethernet or cable.

Are you worried you might assemble it in one location only to find it would be a better fit somewhere else?  At only 500 lbs, the Comfort Booth can be easily moved with furniture slider pads. You can disassemble and relocate the larger booths as many times as you like until you find the perfect spot.

What to Expect When You Order a Zenbooth

Our booths are shipped directly from our factory in Berkeley, CA. They arrive in flat packed boxes, ready for assembly. Allow 1-2 hours for building the 2-person Comfort Booth and 4-6 hours for the Executive Booths.  

Shipping costs are based on quantity, weight, and shipping location. Before delivery, decide on the location and ensure adequate door swing space. Remember to place the booth near a power outlet. The power cord is 15 feet long so this should give you plenty of options. Other preparations include:

  • Print out the latest version of the assembly instructions.
  • Make sure the floor is flat. No slopes or dips.
  • Clear a 10 x 10 space to allow room for the installation team.
  • Book an installer. Experienced Task Rabbits are an inexpensive option.
  • Remember installation can take up to 2 hours per booth.

For decades, cubicles have been the most popular design for semi-private workspaces. But recent research shows they're no longer the ideal workplace solution. Something better has come along that allows for a much-needed distraction-free space. The ability to conduct business in private is an essential part of any workspace. Zenbooths offer the luxury of privacy without having to leave the office.

Office work booths benefit employees and companies. It's a long-term, cost-effective solution everyone can appreciate. Contact us today to learn more.

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