5 Unique Features in Zenbooth's 2019 Office Pods

The future of office space & design is here, and office pods are one of the best new additions to 2019. Why are they becoming so popular?

Studies show that over half of high-performance employees find their workplace to be too distracting — 54% to be exact. Distractions in the workplace lead to decreased productivity and efficiency, which can lead to fewer sales, finished products, and less revenue in the long run.

To keep efficiency and productivity at an all-time high, Zenbooth office pods block noise, visual distractions and provide a quiet place for people to focus on important assignments or meetings. 

Here are 5 unique features of our office pods that will make them a welcome addition to your company. 

1. State of the art ventilation systems

You won’t have to worry about fresh air in your Zenbooth — our top-of-the-line ventilation system has you covered. It can sometimes become stuffy in a small space, but our booths provide fresh, clean, cool air to users via our motion-activated fans that come standard with every booth. 

Our systems can completely exchange the air in the booth in one to two minutes time so that your comfort level while using the booth is always in check.

2. Soundproofing unlike any other office pod

One of the highest priorities of a Zenbooth is to offer a quiet place to work and concentrate. When you enter the booth, you’ll find that our top quality wall insulation keeps all noise at bay. 

Our walls are crafted with 3.5-inch thick insulation to ensure that your office pod is virtually soundproof from the outside in. 

Whether you’re making an important business call or simply want to escape to a quieter location, a Zenbooth is the perfect option.

3. Illuminating lighting system

You’ll never have to worry about lighting in our Zenbooths — we know how important it is to have optimal brightness for projects, note-taking, and staying alert. 

Our skylight ceilings are one of a kind and create a feeling of openness. Not only will you experience gorgeous natural light, but you won’t have to deal with the harsh strain of fluorescent bulbs.

4. Multiple electrical outlets

Whether you’ve got an iphone, a laptop, or a USB cable, you don’t have to worry - Zenbooth has you covered. 

With built-in dual 15A 110v electrical outlets, you’ll be able to keep all of your devices charged and ready to go. 

Say goodbye to running back and forth between your desk and an outlet just to power up your devices — our fast-charging ports ensure that you’ll stay fully operational all day long.

5. Beautiful internal and external aesthetic

The aesthetic of our booths is nothing short of beautiful. Our simple, sleek designs fit seamlessly with any workplace or office aesthetic. The last thing you need to stress about is a distracting piece of new workplace furniture. 

Our models are available in light, maple wood style or white, so that you can be absolutely sure you get the best fit and feel for your office.

Want a Zenbooth of your own?

If you think an office phone booth would be the perfect addition to your company, feel free to visit us online, or give us a call for more information.

We’ve already helped hundreds of office spaces create a quiet, private place to work.

Trust us when we say our booths are unlike any other — crafted with quality in mind, and most importantly, users just like you. Banish distractions for good by adding the one-of-a-kind Zenbooth to your office space. Your employees will love you for it, and you’ll love the improved efficiency and productivity that comes with it.

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