Inside the Executive Booth Office Pod by Zenbooth

Peace and quiet is one thing that all employees need to work effectively — and in some workplaces, it’s anything but silent. 

Office spaces promote chatter and workplace noise simply because of the way they're arranged.

If your office is wide open without cubicles, your employees might complain about excessive sound being a distraction.In fact, one study showed that a whopping 58 percent of high performing office employees said they need a more quiet work environment. 

If you’re looking for an office space solution that gives your employees the peace and quiet they need to focus, then the two-person phone booth by Zenbooth is the furniture addition you want. 

Why your office space needs a two-person phone booth

Did you know that 70 percent of today’s office spaces have either zero or minimal partitions? That means there’s hardly any space for employees to go when they need a minute to regroup, make a phone call, or finish up an important project.

But with Zenbooth, all of that can change.

1. Our phone booths are virutally soundproof

Zenbooth’s block up to 40 decibels of noise with their 3.5-inch thick insulated walls. That’s plenty enough cushion to drown out the buzz of chattering coworkers and allow employees to make important calls or have a quiet work zone. 

The booths are also insulated with echo-proof aluminum to cut back on reverb inside the booth.

2. They’re naturally lit

If you want to provide your employees with a place that they don’t have to strain their eyes with fluorescent lighting, the Zenbooth is a perfect option. Lit only with natural light from the full, shatterproof skylight, employees will love the openness, spaciousness and visibility. 

3. They’re well-ventilated

The air will never be too stale or too warm for your employees with the ventilation system included in every Zenbooth. 

Our fans are controlled by occupancy sensors which ensure that the air-filtering ventilation system start working as soon as someone enters the booth.

Need to eat a quick lunch in the phone booth? No worries — no food odors will linger or affect the booth's next occupant.

4. They’re eco-friendly

Did you know that for every booth we sell, we plant a tree? It’s true! You can feel good about buying a Zenbooth since you’ll be helping the environment with every purchase. Every model of our product is made from eco-friendly material. 

5. They look beautiful in any office space

The simplistic maple wood or white exterior of every office pod provides a beautiful look to any office space. It won’t distract employees, and it will fit perfectly with any existing decor. The minimalistic design makes it blend in with any area. 

6. You can charge your devices

Our Zenbooth phone booths provide plenty of charging ports for any device. Whether you need a USB charger or an electrical outlet, we’ve got you covered with up to four outlets in every model. We also provide a phone connection port.

Interested in a Zenbooth for your office space?

If the benefits of a Zenbooth seem like a big improvement to your office, you’d be right. We can guarantee that you’ll love the quiet that you receive with our phone booths, and your staff will too. Contact us today for more details. 


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