Office Breakout Area Furniture: Help Your Team Work & Refocus

Office breakout areas are a new workplace trend. They create an invaluable space for employees to focus and get work done, away from all the distractions of a crowded office. 

They can be easily incorporated into every office layout idea, whether it's open, closed, or an agile work environment. 

This simple concept can have a meaningful impact on your employees' productivity, mood, and health. Thankfully, there are many different ways of creating a breakout area that works for you and your team, all within your budget.

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What Is an Office Breakout Area?

An office breakout area is essentially any space that is open to your employees outside of their designated work zone. This space can be laid out in different ways, whether it's an enclosed room, an area that's separated by partitions, or located in an open space away from desks.

Additionally, the breakout area can have various uses depending on the needs of you and your employees. The idea is simply to have a space that is apart from and is physically different than their standard workspace, as it allows employees to refocus and de-stress.

How Breakout Areas Help Your Staff

Though some employers may believe a breakout area to be an unnecessary expense, it can be incredibly valuable to the morale of your staff. It's unhealthy for workers to be in the same space, staring at the same screen all day long. Having a designated spot for them to unwind will boost their productivity and foster a more positive work environment. 

If you adopt a larger breakout room that can fit more than one person at a time then you'll also find that these areas will improve teamwork and collaboration. 

At the same time, they'll strengthen social bonds among your employees. Having a quiet place to talk about both work and life will help your employees grow closer and become friends, which leads to a happier and more satisfying work experience. 

Chronic stress can have terrible consequences on both your physical and mental health. Research shows that high levels of stress can result in muscle pain, an increased risk of heart disease, tension headaches, and much more. In regards to mental health, chronic stress is linked to both anxiety and depression. 

Breakout rooms can provide an escape to your employees throughout the busy work week. It gives them a space to de-stress, meditate, and recharge so they can be productive without damaging their health. This will lead, over time, to far stronger performances and a happier and healthier staff taking fewer sick days.

Using the Breakout Area: Activities and Furniture

While breakout areas can be used for multiple purposes at once, there are three categories that they're typically sorted into. Unsure which would have the greatest impact on your office? Consider conducting an anonymous poll or holding a meeting to discuss their thoughts on the current office layout.

Office Recharge Room

Many businesses are using their breakout area as a recharge room where employees can relax, chat with coworkers, and even play games. They're outfitted with things like ping pong tables, workout gear, arcade machines, and comfortable seating areas. 

This helps workers to unwind, strengthen their social bonds, and return to work feeling happy and refreshed.

Team Collaboration Space

A complaint made by those working in both open and closed offices alike is that they're unable to focus on group projects. Creating an open office conference room where small groups of workers can get away from noise and distractions will help them work more effectively and efficiently. 

Simple pieces of furniture like chairs, a multi-person desk, and a whiteboard can turn an unused room into a convenient breakout zone for team projects.

Designated Quiet Area

Designated quiet areas are similar to relaxation rooms in that they're meant to help workers de-stress but without the ping pong tables or the arcade games. Designated quiet areas can be used by your staff to meditate, focus on a time-sensitive assignment, or even to nap. 

Sometimes the office, especially an open office, can become loud and overwhelming. Giving your employees that flexibility and freedom will boost morale and productivity in the office. 

Zenbooth's Breakout Area Furniture

Zenbooth's furniture solutions can easily be used as breakout rooms, whether they're for relaxing, eating lunch, or getting work done. These multi-use rooms have features that accommodate every kind of worker, helping to reduce stress all through the week. 

Here are the primary benefits of choosing Zenbooth as your breakout room:

They're Soundproof

For any breakout room, soundproofing should be considered as a top priority. If you use a pre-existing room in your office as your breakout room, you may find that the walls don't actually keep out sound. 

Zenbooth units are designed to do just that. Their 3.5-inch thick walls and echo absorption panels keep office distractions out. This makes and space ideal for small groups who need to focus on tasks and those trying to conduct potentially sensitive phone calls.

They Have a Calming Aesthetic

All Zenbooth units have a calming aesthetic that allows them to blend into any office space, no matter the vibe, layout, or color scheme. When you place your order, you'll have the choice between maple or white exteriors. Both have a simple and low-key style that will help your workers feel as though they're really getting away from the office.

They're Comfortable

Every detail of these booths is geared towards comfort and functionality. To keep the lighting in the booth from becoming too bright or dim, the booths are outfitted with a shatterproof plexiglass ceiling and dimmable LED lights. The ceiling, paired with the twin high-powered ventilation system, ensures that the booth doesn't become claustrophobic or stuffy when your employees are trying to relax or work.

They Come in Different Sizes

Zenbooth has different unit sizes and styles to suit your individual needs. The Solo size phone booth is used primarily so workers can make private phone calls or focus on time-sensitive projects one at a time. The Duo fits two workers comfortably, making it function perfectly for 1v1 meetings or assignments.

That being said, employers looking to promote collaboration in the office should definitely opt for the Quad unit, which can fit 4 to 6 workers at once. This space is ideal for a breakout room, a recharge room, and as a designated space for groups to work together.

Installation Is Made Easy

Zenbooth products have a modular design, which means they can be taken apart and put back together again incredibly fast. 

This is even more convenient in comparison to the lengthy and expensive construction processes that many buildings have to undergo to have a breakout room built or installed. With Zenbooth, you can have your breakout room set up without any mess, no loud distractions, and no need to ask the property owners for permission.

Get Your Breakout Area Furniture Today

Are you ready to begin seeing the benefits of incorporating a breakout area into your workplace? With Zenbooth, it couldn't be any easier. Their modular design allows them to be shipped in as little as 10 days.

We make things even easier by offering free shipping and a free 30-day return period. So what are you waiting for? Start putting together a breakout area that will change the way your office operates for the better. 

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