Lower Your Staff's Stress With Modern Office Furniture Like Phone Booths

Nothing kills productivity like workplace stress. The reality is today’s open office environments are wearing out employees. From constant distractions to a lack of privacy, studies show that the open layout is causing as many problems as it was intended to solve.

One in eight open office workers say that their company's open layout has motivated them to want to leave their job. Even more foreboding for employers who have worked hard to cultivate a positive atmosphere, these same employees feel resentful toward senior staff with private offices.

One-third of workers say the constant distractions cripple their productivity, and one in six claim open layouts hinder their creativity.

This is why it’s so important to stay on top of office furniture trends and find ways to offer a low-stress environment for your employees. 

Today, 70 percent of offices have zero or low partitions. But, with office furniture pods that offer privacy and quiet, employers can give their staff members the best of both worlds. Collaboration and flexibility come together in creative office spaces that include portable meeting rooms for shared ideas.

New trends in office design show the positives of creating an activity-based working (ABW) environment with the use of office phone booths. 

When employees have the freedom to utilize the right space for the type of project they’re doing, they can work in peace and quiet & collaborate with co-workers as needed. They can also step out of the chatter of the open layout for conference calls, video meetings, and even a quick personal phone call.

The modern office phone booth makes all of this possible. 

Privacy booths provide an escape for those who are cognitively exhausted

Some workers are energized by an active workplace. Others feel drained when trying to get work done surrounded by their peers. Being forced to work in an overwhelming environment will raise stress levels. 

This causes the body to release more cortisol – the stress hormone – which in turn lowers the immune system and causes someone to feel fatigued.

Office phone booths save the day for these workers who need respite from all the activity and noise. This type of modern office furniture gives them the ability to work in a place that suits their mood, as well as the task at hand.

Office phone booths block distractions

For tasks such as writing, analysis, and some types of creative work, quiet is essential. Zenbooth phone booths block up to 40 decibels of noise. 

The booths are designed to optimize the acoustic experience for those inside. As a result, conversations are kept private, and the environment in the booth is remarkably quiet, regardless of how much chatter, phone ringing, and movement is going on outside.

Zenbooths are designed for comfort

When your employees can feel comfortable in the space they’re working in, it’s a lot easier to be in a state of productivity. Rooms that are too cold or too hot can make the workplace distracting.

Likewise, for anyone who is sensitive to smells, being exposed to perfume, food smells, and other odors in an open environment can be extremely disturbing.

Inside a Zenbooth, your employees will enjoy nothing but clean, fresh air. The booths come with a high-powered ventilation system that cycles in completely fresh air every minute.

Give employees the flexibility to create their version of the perfect office

The reality is, no two individuals have the same preferences when it comes to how they work. Some like to sit. Others prefer to stand. Some want only natural light while others aren’t comfortable without extra illumination.

Many of the booths come with an electric-powered height-adjustable desk, allowing workers to change positions easily and reap numerous health benefits. The booths also come with a full skylight ceiling to help let in natural light. 

For those who want to listen to music without headphones, there are plenty of power outlets, as well as USB ports.

The spacious design makes it easy for employees to move around. Our office phone booths come in 3 different size dimensions. The Comfort Booth has plenty of room for one person to work distraction-free. With the Executive Booth XL and the Executive Room, your employees can hold small meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Even the style and color of a Zenbooth inspires a sense of calm and serenity. Made from natural wood and aluminum, the booths have a clean, minimalist look. Choose from a maple or white exterior finish with a beautiful maple interior. Add a small office plant to the booth, and your employees have their own private Zen-like space to de-stress.

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